Hatebuster: The real identity of the man supporting the accused Aaftab revealed!

In the widely shared video, the man claiming to be Rashid Khan is Vikas Kumar

Image: NDTV

Claim: On November 21, a video shared by Priti Gandhi, national social media in-charge for the BJP, where a man was being interviewed about the Shraddha Walker murder case. The man can be heard saying that it was normal for Aaftab, the accused in the Shraddha muder case, to cut Shraddha’s body into 35 parts. In fact, if a man is angry, they can even cut the body into more than 35 parts. When asked about him hometown, the man replies by stating that he is from Bulandshehar and his name is Rashid Khan.  

Priti Gandhi had shared the video with the caption, “Meet Rashid Khan from Bulandshahr. He strongly believes that it is absolutely normal for Aftab to have chopped Shraddha into 35 pieces. Where are we headed?”

The video and the tweet can be viewed here: (20) Mohammed Zubair on Twitter: “Vikas Kumar was caught by Bulandshahr Police today, He pretended to be Rashid while speaking to a YouTube Channel.” / Twitter

Busted!: On November 25, the Bulandshahr Police notified that the man in the video has been arrested and his real name is Vikas Kumar. Vikas Kumar was pretending to be Rashid Khan while speaking to the YouTube Channel who was conducting the interview. While his video was re-shared by many right wing organisations and supporters, the fact has surfaced that he is not Rashid Khan.


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