HCU Erupts: Plan to attack Unsuspecting protesting Students?

Hydearabad Central University (HCU) Campus errupted with brute violence today, March 22, 2016 when unsuspecting students protesting the resumption of duties of Vice Chancellor Appa Rao were set upon by helmet adorned, lathi wielding police and also some members allegedly of the life sciences students and faculty. Late in the evening Sabrangindia spoke to some students who were still nursing injuries. At least 20 students had been held at the police station and another 20 were nursing injuries at the Health Centre. A simple peaceful protest against a Vice Chancellor perceived widely to be the callous of Rohith Vemula's suicide on January 17, 2016 was thus sought to be brutally silenced. . Two faculty members, who were backing the students, were taken into custody. At the time of publishing, Sabrangindia was told by some students that a total 36 persons have been detained, two of which are faculty, the rest students. Dr KY Ratnam and Tattaghatta Sengupta are the names of the faculty member illegally detained. Apart from that there are 34 students. The Telanagana police is reportedly changing police stations of the detainees making it impossible to track the condition of the students and faculties detained.

Appa Rao went on a long leave on January 24 when students protested against the administration saying it was responsible for the scholar's death. Students alleged that VC Rao was responsible for the action against Rohith , which ultimately forced him to commit suicide. Appa Rao then proceeded on long leave. Prof. Vipin Srivatsav took over as in-charge vice chancellor.On Tuesday morning, Appa Rao joined duties after the leave. A section of the students, specially those from the sciences, and a large number of faculty members were present when Appa Rao took charge again. The Ambedkarite Students Association and AISF activists opposed this and launched a protest

VC Appa Rao was returning to occupy his seat after two months of absence. Senior journalist and commentator Dilip Mandal observes this move as a clear signal from the Centre: MHRD Minister Smruti Irani standing by a VC perceived to be at a complete distance from his students.

These videos here tell their own tale.

Police Brutality at Hyderabad Central University, March 22, 2016

Police Brutality at Hyderabad Central University Part Two, March 22, 2016

President of the JNU Students Union Union was scheduled to visit Hyderabad tomorrow. This is what he posted on Facebook at about 9.45 p.m.

Kanhaiya Kumar, JNUSU President will be visiting Rohith Vemula;s mother tomorrow after which he will meet the Joint Action Committee (JAC) at Hyderabad and also address the press at Vijayawada the day after.

Meanwhile at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Campous in Delhi, the Birsa-Ambedkar-Phule Students Association (BAPSA) has organised a protest burning the effigy of Vice Chancellor, HCU, Appa Rao.

Late night, some students of HCU have shared this "agenda for action" reportedly circulated by the Vcice Chancellor Appa Rao to prepare for today's resumption of duries as also the possible break up of the students' peaceful protest.




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