Hefazat-e-Islam, Bangladesh: Remove ‘un-Islamic’ Greek idol from Supreme Court

Radical Islamist platform Hefazat-e-Islam has threatened to launch a massive movement if the sculpture of Lady Justice – the ancient Greek Goddess of justice Themis holding a scale and a sword – being erected on the Supreme Court premises is not removed immediately.


Supreme court of Bangladesh
Earlier, other religion-based parties including Olama League, Khelafat Majlish Bangladesh and Islami Andolon Bangladesh protested the government move to install a “Greek idol,” terming it anti-Islamic.

Shah Ahmad Shafi, ameer of Hefazat, a Qawmi madrasa-based group eyeing Shariah Law in Bangladesh, in a statement on Monday said the Lady Justice statue was not in cohesion with the country’s culture, was contrary to religious beliefs.

“Ideological aggression is going on against Islam and the Muslims of Bangladesh in the name of secularism,” Shafi said, demanding stern punishment to those evil quarters.

If anyone wants to set up sculpture in Supreme Court premises, that will have to be similar with the ideals of the country, according to Shafi.

Islami Andolon Bangladesh chief, better known as Charmonai Pir, Mufti Rezaul Karim warned that the people would create a “river of blood” if the sculpture was not removed.

This article was first published on Dhaka Tribune



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