Here is My Offer, a Dalit Voice Says in Outrage to Adityanath

Here is My Offer, a Dalit Voice in Outrage to Adityanath                  Use Soap & Shampoo to Clean Foul Smelling Tongues

Asang Wankhede, a Delhi based lawyer and a Dalit poet and activist, has reacted sharply and emotively to the recent incident in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh. where UP government has provided soaps and shampoos to the Dalits in Kushinagar District and have asked them to come clean before CM Yogi meets them  Asang Wankhede couldn't stop himself from replying to the said undignified act through a poem.

Poetry has been a assertive way to voice oppression in Dalit movement in India. Here is this poem .
Here is my offer

Asang Wankhede

Here is my offer
Manu made me unclean.
Your prejudiced mind makes me
reek of caste names and exclusion
I glow with the fragrance of sores,
I stink of oppression and not your shit.

To please your lord, you offered me
soap and shampoo today.
Have you ever used them to clean
those foul smelling tongues,
which talk of raping minorities and violence?
Or used them to clean those brains,
that preach Manuvād and varnashramadharma?
With your offer,
you have abused my dignity.

With my offer,
I am abusing your conceit.

Appropriators of my Babasaheb
act as my ephemeral cleansers.
Soap exacerbates my wounds
of caste oppression and exclusion,
I don’t want your sympathy,
I want your detestation.
I play the song of assertion
in the cries of protests;
It gives me dignity and freedom,
a freedom to fight for.

For two meals
I carry your faeces!
If I don’t, I will sleep
hungry in this Republic.
Soap and shampoo only feed your ignorance,
not my stomach.

Your lord is here to capture the nation’s spotlight
We are bleached, to look presentable;
We are told to cheer like minions,
What will tremble when my insides break their silence?

Oh Lord, come see my home!
It is cleaner than your bhagwa drape.

But talk only when your consciousness is clean;
Smile only when you burn the Manu
dancing in your heart.
For my silence is about to break,
It is dawn already.

Before you turn your back
here is my offer.
I offer you my soaps, Ambedkar and Buddha.
Go clean your mental slavery,
Go annihilate caste and the Manu infused in your reason,
bleach your bhagwa to white.
There cannot be two Suns on this side, and
We have our own, to incinerate yours.



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