Hindu Mahasabha Leader makes ‘Anti -National’ statements, gets away with it.

Leading credence to the oft-repeated fact that Hindutva organisations do not follow the constitution, Hindu Mahasabha National Secretary Chandra Prakash Kaushik refused to  celebrate Independence or Republic day on video swearing allegiance instead to the ingenous RSS concept of ‘Akhand Bharat’

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In prevalent terminology, this statement could have been labelled ‘anti-national’ and newsrooms and twitter, if not actual streets would have been set aflame by ‘patriots’. But in Modi’s India, all ‘anti-nationals’ are equal but some ‘anti-nationals’ are more equal than others. In another time and era of course, a statement like this could have been dismissed as looney and summarily laughed off, but this is 2019 and RSS, the mother ship to which both Hindu Mahasabha and the BJP belong, is in power.  ‘Intellectuals’, of the ‘urban naxal’ variety may also defend Shri Kaushik’s freedom of speech, enshrined ironically in the19th article of the Indian constitution, thanklessly of course, because such gracious favours may never be reciprocated.

Shri Chandra Prakash Kaushik has also in the past grappled with the vexing issue of how much PDA (Public Display of Affection) is too much PDA. He has in the past issued threats to marry off any couple who is found on the street on Valentine’s Day after his fellow travellers thrash them for indulging in ‘immoral’ and ‘Un-Indian’ behaviour. Perhaps as a wedding gift. 

Hindu Mahasabha leaders are also known for killing cardboard cut-outs of Mahatma Gandhi with air-guns and what could only be tomato ketchup (instead of hitting the gym). 

Technically though, the Hindu Mahasabha is only celebrating the memory of an act perpetrated by their ideological forefathers.

They have also in the past fought amongst themselves over erecting Godse statues publicly or privately. Naturally, should Godse be celebrated in the open or behind closed doors seems like a valid point of confusion for Hindutvawadis, much like the act of engaging in PDA. 

However, there is yet another theory about comic antics of the loony right. The hydra headed RSS is known to have mastered the art of double speak. Its many front organisations, speaking in many tongues, offer a multitude of hate filled venom couched in nationalism. This is a well crafted strategy that not only addresses a large audience but also slowly legitimises hate by putting it out in many shades, largely unchallenged. 

The comedians on the loony right may neither be loony not comic in reality. Either ways, nobody’s laughing anymore.




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