Hindu or Muslim? Last Month my Kids were Christians!

Shirish Kunder, hubby of Farah Khan’s fitting response to obtrusive questioning on the faith of their offspring

It began, as it almost always does with a photograph of this foursome at the Grand Canyon celebrating the onset of the New Year far away from home. Uploaded on twitter. No sooner had the photo been uploaded then the intrusive and offensive questioning began.

Are your children Hindu or Muslim, one ‘Fatima Arya’ began… Shireesh who has been known to say that he only takes to twitter when angry flashed back a response that has gone viral.

“Depends on which festival awaits us the next month. Last month they were Christians!”  

The increasingly offensive and obtrusive nature of the social media has, under the new India been vocally inquisitive of the religion of the offspring of celebrities.
Recently Tina Dhabi and Mohammad Shammi were both trolled. Tina for tying the knot with her Muslim fellow IAS topper and Shammi for sharing his wife’s photograph that was too revealing for the Muslim hawks.




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