“Hindu scriptures offer no moral teachings,” says Bangladeshi hardliner

Hardliners in Bangladesh have been making such disparaging comments in abid to unseat the government in next election

Hindu religious scriptures
Image Courtesy: msn.com

Tarique Rahman, joint convener of Bangladesh Gono Odhikar Parishad, the party in opposition, has started attacking its Hindu minority by making disparaging comments and hurting religious sentiments ahead of the national election in Bangladesh. This group of hardliners is allegedly backed by militant outfit Jamaat-E-Islami and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party and the attack on minorities is an attempt to overthrow the government in the upcoming election, which has largely maintained a secular stand during its tenure.

“Scriptures of the Hindu religion do not offer any moral teaching — all the religious scriptures are porn scripts,” Tarique Rahman, a close aide of Nurul Haque Nur, said in a Facebook live. In the video which has been widely circulated on social media Rahman said that Hindu scriptures do not offer any moral teaching and are porn texts.

Nurul also appeared during a live stream and reportedly said, “Yes, I have indulged in a conspiracy with foreign intelligence agencies, including Mossad .. In my bid to unseat the government, I held a meeting with Mendi N Safadi, a Mossad agent, to hatch a conspiracy to unseat this government”.


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