Hindu Sena leader offers licensed swords for sale on Twitter

In the video, he can be seen wielding the sword brazenly and offering it for sale as well as  delivery across the country with no regard for the law.

Hindu Sena
Image: Video Screengrab

A video has surfaced on social media of a so-called head of Hindu Sena propagating the sale of swords. In the video he can be seen holding the sword and offering it for sale with free delivery. He claims that he is making these swords under a license and the selling price is Rs. 1,250. He also states that the swords have a guarantee of 30 years and have been forged from railway tracks! He further says that minimum 5 swords need to be bought at a time. He also gives his contact number and claims that the Home Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office have been made aware of the sale of these swords.

The brazen dissemination of such illegal acts via social media by such Hindutva organizations, which have proliferated across the nation, is terrifying. Because the local police do not take any real action against them, they do not have to worry about being caught by the police. It’s possible that they are selling these swords to young people and other “Sanatani Hindus” who share their beliefs in the local area.

Under the Arms Act, the definition of “arms” includes “articles of any description designed or adapted as weapons for offence or defence, and includes firearms, sharp edged and other deadly weapons, and parts of, and machinery for manufacturing, arms”

Under section 5 of the Arms Act, it is prohibited to offer arms for sale, unless he holds a license and the punishment for the same is imprisonment of up to 7 years. Under section 20, an police officer or any other public servant or any person employed or working upon a railway, aircraft, vessel, vehicle can arrest without warrant any person found carrying or conveying any arms  under suspicious circumstance. Under section 22, the District Magistrate is empowered to issue orders for search and seizure if he/she has reason to believe that any person residing within the local limits as in his possession any arms or ammunition for any unlawful purpose or such person cannot be left in the possession of any arms or ammunition without danger to the public peace or safety.

Under section 25(3) whoever sells or transfers arms without informing the district magistrate or the police officer in charge of nearest police station shall be punishable with imprisonment up to 6 months.

In the history of internal communal disturbances in various parts of the country, violence by mobs has seen use of such swords and other deadly weapons. During the Jahangirpuri violence in Delhi, early this year, men were seen brandishing swords, guns and other weapons. Under Rule 8 of the Arms Act Rules 2016, a person holding a license for firearms or any other arms, which includes swords and blades with sharp edges, is barred from “resorting to the brandishing of firearms in a public place nor shall he carry or discharge a firearm in a built-up area or any public place on the occasion of marriage, public assembly, fair, procession or any public event.” Swords and blades over nine inches in length, which are not kitchen appliances, also require a license under the Arms Act.

This is not the first instance of swords being brandished or of swords being propagated by hard-line Hindutva followers. In Belagavi, Karnataka, during Dussehra celebrations, Bajrang Dal workers carried swords during a procession.



Members of extremist Hindutva groups in Karnataka’s Mangalore district organised a “shastra pooja” event, on the occasion of Dussehra, at the local office of Vishva Hindu Parishad. With trishuls in their hand, they vowed to protect Hindus from so-called love jihad, land jihad and cow slaughter, reported Muslim Mirror

In April, Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad organised an event in Gujarat where they distributed thousands of swords and tridents to the people. It was reported that 5,100 people were administered an “oath” where they promised to “protect Hindu religion” and were then armed with tridents. 

In 2016, in Uttar Pradesh the Bajrang Dal started training its cadres in the use of rifles, swords and lathis ostensibly to ‘protect Hindus from non-brothers’. Camps were organised in Ayodhya and other areas of Uttar Pradesh which was to have Assembly elections in 2017. 

In November 2021 swords were reportedly being sent to Hindutva groups by one Rajeev Brahmarshi, an aspiring Hindutva mob leader, who  announced on his Facebook page that “Weapons will reach every corner of #Hindustan”. As he has had no police action against him, he continues to do so even now. In March 2022 he said “I will give a sword to every youth who will be present in Shri Ram Navami. This time I will bring 5000 swords instead of 3000.” 

A fact finding committee of Centre for Study of Society and Secularism visited Hirhi village (Lohardagga district) of Jharkhand, they found that swords were used during the Ram Navami procession and the violence that ensued thereafter saw these swords being used to attack many innocents. Mujahim Ansari (70) told the team that he was preparing to break his fast and he followed the procession as they were proceeding towards the Mosque. There was a melee and he was suddenly attacked with sword. They aimed at his neck but he tried to block the attack with his hand and took the blow on his left palm. Another victim, Mobarak Ansari was attacked with a sword on his way home. Aman Ansari (about 45 years old), handicapped with one leg was attacked by a mob, and he suffered severe sword injuries on his head, face and all over his body died on the spot.

Needless to say, propagation of sale of a deadly weapon like a sword is a bid to militarise Hindus in “self-defence” and this no longer is symbolic for any religious purposes, but has been legitimately used as a weapon to attack people from minority community. It is  not just a threat to the society but also the values we uphold as a democracy.


Sheath the swords, while there is still time!

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