Hindutva Thugs Force Muslims to Chant Jai Shri Ram, Video Will Make Your Stomach Churn

A video of a few Hindutva thugs abusing and thrashing two Muslims to chant Jai Shri Ram and use expletives for for Muslim God (Allah) has now gone viral on social media platforms.
In this video, a man claiming to be Amit Singh Rathore, is seen beating two Muslim youth beating and forcing them to public humiliation.

The thug Rathod is joined by his associates and all can be seen having a laugh at the cost of utterly helpless Muslim youth.

Their act of bravado has now caught the attention of social media users.

Eminent Supreme Court lawyer, Prashant Bhushan wrote, “This video makes your stomach churn. These are the criminal thugs that Sangh parivar has unleashed upon our people!.”

Congress worker Gaurav Pandhi, who posted the video on Twitter, asked Home Minister Rajnath Singh to act.

He wrote, “..@HMOIndia ACT & CATCH THESE MILITANTS. Blatantly persecuting Muslims for political aspirations. ABUSIVE CONTENT!”

On Facebook the video was uploaded by Pratik Sinha, who also runs a website, truthofgujarat.com.

Sinha wrote, “This is the face of Hindutva Terror. Extremely explicit language. Watch with care. (Anyone who abuses in the comments section will be banned).”

The video, extremely graphic in nature has elicited angry reactions from other social media users.

According to the Indian Express, tension gripped Limbayat area of Surat early on Monday, when a video showed a man abusing two young migrant workers from Bihar, reportedly of zardozi units.

The workers were seen being forced to vacate a rented quarter in Godadara area by a man who identified himself as Amit Singh Rathore. He abused them and forced them to strip. The youths were also being beaten up by other youths, alongwith Rathore. Rathore has been arrested.

jantakareporter.com received this video on Monday via WhatsApp, but didn’t carry it because of its graphic detail. We’ve now decided to carry it in public interest so that the guilty can be severely punished.

Courtesy: Janata ka reporter. We are publishing this shocking report for the same reason that Janata ka Reporter did.



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