Hindutva Vigilantism: A Terrifying Menace for Muslims

Alleged Bajrang Dal Vigilante accused of Muslim driver's murder in Nagar, Rajasthan

The lives claimed by Hindutva vigilantes are surging. cases of murder, abduction and public flogging are being reported from North Indian states on a regular basis. In a shocking incident, Saddam Hussain, a Muslim driver was allegedly murdered by Bajrang Dal leader near Nagar in Rajasthan.

His body was found two kilometers away from the town. Marks of torture were visible on the body. Saddam Hussain was twenty-seven years old and is survived by three children.

Narrating the gruesome incident before a local media, ATV Haryana, Akram Khan, a relative of the deceased, accused Vishal, an alleged local Bajrang Dal leader, behind the murder.

According to Akram Khan, Saddam Hussain had called him the night before he was allegedly killed asking for a ride back home when he came back from his trip. He came to know about the death when police informed him about the incident.

“We saw visible marks of scuffle on the body and we got suspicious. We have filed an FIR accusing Vishal for the murder.”. Vishal, allegedly affiliated with the Bajrang Dal, who is also said to run a bus service in the area.

According to relatives, something happened that night that led to the attack on Saddam. The windows of the bus owned by him were seen broken, raising the suspicion of an attack and murder.

“From CCTV visuals it is evident that Sadddam was hiding behind the bus. We don’t know what happened. We want police to conduct an objective investigation and bring all culprits to book”, a relative added.

While relatives accuse Vishal directly of the role of Bajrang Dal, they are hesitant. They accuse Vishal and some of his friends for the brutal murder of Saddam Hussain.

Taleem, another relative, asserted that it was murder. According to him, weapon marks on the body prove this fact. He also wanted a police probe to find out what actually happened..

India is witnessing a spiraling number of targeted attacks by Hindutva vigilante activists on Muslims across India. The inaction by state and police is a cause for concern.


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