Hoardings with Modi & Pope crop up, Bandra residents question MLA Ashish Shelar

Never to miss an opportunity to appease Catholics who are unlikely to forget the death of former Jesuit and icon, Stan Swamy, controversial BJP MLA from Bandra, Ashish Shelar hasout up several hoardings of the Pope with prime minister, Narendra Modi

Aiming to appease Catholics, BJP MLA Ashish Shelar has put up this hoarding of the Supreme Pontiff (in wheelchair). This photo is about 100 metres from the hospital where 84-year-old Jesuit priest Stan Swamy died in custody, imprisoned without trial on terror charges.

Meanwhile several residents of Bandra, Catholic and others, have questioned these hoardings being allowed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation without permission. “They are clearly illegal,” said one such resident to Sabrangindia.

Mathew Anthony of the Indian National Congress has been sharp in his criticism.

In a public statement on twitter he has said, “The meeting of the Holy Pope and PM Modi was part of International Diplomatic Courtesy. ….If PM Modi and BJP MLA, Ashish Shelar were so concerned and thoughtful about the Muslim community,

‘Where were you when Christians were persecuted in Manipur?

157 Churches destroyed. More than 70,000 persons relocated. Where were you?

Father Stan Swamy was denied basic daily needs, tortured to death in the jails by implicating him in a false case. Where was your love for Christians, Ashish?

When a Christian Principal was tortured in Pune by RW fundamentalists, where were you?

When a Nun’s habit was removed by RW extremists in Assam, she was was made to walk by forcing her out of the bus. She and the religion were insulted. Where were you?…..

Your love towards Christians is empty, hollow and opportunistic, only to secure the votes of your large constituency in Bandra West.”

Many Christians have spoken. Now the results of the Assembly polls come October 2024 will tell. Whether Ashish Shelar’s attempts have been in vain.


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