Hyderabad Muslims come together to form a human chain and condemn terror attacks in Sri Lanka

After math of deadly attacks in Sri Lanka at churches which took hundreds of innocent lives and created an environment of fear and grief, Muslims from all walks of life from Islamic Jamaats to IT professionals, Housewives to Social organisations & Educational institutions , children and the elderly gathered on 28th April morning, the time of prayer mass,  at various churches to share love, warmth and express solidarity, support and stand with our brethren during these tough times with a message that no force can break this brotherhood.

Social service Organizations like All India Muslim Educational Society, Help Hyderabad, Access Foundation, MS Education institutes, Islamic jamaat students (SIO) and the common man -all joined hands and gathered at the St Georges Cathedral Church , after a brief meeting in which some speakers addressed the media and the visitors and  condemned the deadly attack and gave the message, “these attacks aim to instil fear and break us but today we want to say it loud and clear that we are together and will always stand together in all the times sharing love and brotherhood.”

They also expressed their condolences and presenting flowers near the church,  marched to St Georges Grammar school church and visited Rosery Convent school Church and Wesley Church.





Courtesy: Two Circle



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