‘I am Trolled & Threatened for Exposing ABVP’s Violence in DU’: Horror Continues..



I have nothing to do with any political organization, as a student of University Of Delhi, I was at #Ramjas to attend the seminar as we were to discuss Bastar , Kashmir and North East there. ABVP attacked us. I witnessed their hooliganism and even recorded it with my phone.
I was appalled at how these handful of goons were assaulting the students, abusing us and making indecent gestures. I was right there when ABVP goon threw a stone at the conference hall, breaking the window panes. Even caught them Justifying the violence saying, “gundagardi aur bhagwakaran hi chalega, bilkul chalega!” on camera.
The next day a march was called against their hooliganism. I went class to class to tell students about this march. There was anger amongst common students, no one wants violence in campus.
Police was present when we gathered outside Ramjas with our placards. There were students from DU, JNU, JMI, AUD. There were teachers & journalists present.
Suddenly ABVP attacked us, AGAIN. They manhandled us, punched & abused us like anything. They were pelting stones at the protest march. Many of my friends got seriously injured. Even teachers were not spared. Journalists too were attacked and their cameras were broken. It all happened in the presence of Delhi Police.
Then ABVP , with the help of BJP IT cell came up with false accusations. I was present there & I had video clippings that I posted on social media. But being just a common student activist, I never had an army of trolls OR an IT Cell for back up.
I’m being harassed since three consecutive days by trolls. Being accused of being a Naxali, a paid propagandist and what not. Today I noticed random anonymous accounts threatening me of Violence. (See Screenshots)
As a girl living all alone in this city, I feel unsafe to step out. They’re everywhere, roaming around on their bikes with saffron bands.
But ABVP, I AM NOT SCARED. I’ve NEVER been a fan of your ideology or your politics but today I say you disgust me. You talk about defending your motherland by harassing students & activists? I spit on your nationalism.
I WILL NOT SHUT UP and let this go. I’m going to fight back. This is about my University and I’m not taking any step back.

(Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/Ratnpriya.m)



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