“I denounce what India is doing to Kashmiris”: Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh

The leader of the New Democratic Party said that he stood in solidarity with the people of Kashmir

Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh

Addressing a small gathering of people in the run-up to the elections in Canada, Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh vehemently opposed the Indian government’s abrogation of Article 370 which accorded special status to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Speaking of the evident communications blackout, he said, “They shut down cellphones, they shut down telephone services, they block the media.”

He continued to say, “Anywhere in the world, if the cellphones are being blocked, telephones are being shut down and if the media is not allowed to go there, I can assure you there are human rights violations happening,” emanating a “yes” chant from the small crowd.

Expressing solidarity with the people of Kashmir, the leader of the New Democratic Party said, “If there is any injustice against anyone, it’s an injustice against our principles. I stand with people against this injustice that’s happening.”

MP Jagmeet Singh had also issued an official statement on August 6th on the Status of Human Rights in Kashmir where he said that such actions provide more fertile ground for more human rights abuses.

Singh is among a handful of international leaders and countries that have criticized India over its handling of Jammu and Kashmir.

Beijing also said that New Delhi should avoid actions to “unilaterally change the status quo” of the state, and termed the decision to reorganise Ladakh as a union territory as “unacceptable”.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, too, had accused India of invading and occupying Kashmir.He said despite UN resolutions, Jammu Kashmir has been “invaded and occupied.”



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