I got letters during the Best Bakery trial urging me to act like a Hindu: Justice Thipsay to Mumbai Mirror

In this illuminating interview published by Mumbai Mirror and given to Jyoti Punwani, Justice Thipsay said that while he did not face pressure during the Best Bakery matter, he got a lot of letters, persuading me to “act like a Hindu”. They recalled the history of 800 years, told me this was an opportunity to take “revenge”. Some assured me that the entire Hindu society would back me if I acquitted the accused; others said God would reward me. The persuasive letters outnumbered the threatening ones.

Justice Abhay Thipsay
Image: Economic Times

Back in Mumbai after retirement, Justice Abhay Thipsay, an accomplished  chess player and astute jurist, speaks of his experiences on the bench. In his years as a high court judge where he acquired a reputation for being an uncompromisingly independent judge with a remarkable grasp of the law, retired Justice Abhay Thipsay, who was suddenly transferred to Allahabad a few month before retirement, talks to Jyoti Punwani about his many controversial orders.

He also says that it is not asd if Magistrate's face pressure, from the police or otherwise. "I never faced any pressure. Actually, it’s not about pressure. Magistrates feel it’s more convenient to avoid friction with the police, because you can get things done with their help. The trouble is, many a magistrate’s CR is affected because you grant bail. But if you remand a person to custody without evidence, no adverse remarks are made against you! Even the press doesn’t criticize you. If you affirm the state’s actions, your integrity is never suspected. But if you release an accused, there’s a huge clamour.

The rest of the interview may be here.
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