I want Justice Not Character Assassination: Delta’s Father, Mahendra Meghwal

Releasing a Fact-Finding Report into the Murder of Delta Meghwal, her father, Mahendra Meghwal demanded Justice not Character Assassination of his Dead Daughter.


“I want justice for my daughter Delta. There should be an immediate stoppage to blatant attempts at character assassination.” A detailed factfinding report was released in Jaipur today at the Vinoba Nyan Mandir, Jaipur. Among the groups that have been part of the fact finding are All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch, Akhil Bharatiya Janwadi Mahila Samiti, Natuonal Federation of Indian Women, PUCL-Rajasthan. These were the Organisations who also addressed the press conference and released the report.

Sabrangindia had been among the first to raise the issue of the rape and deat5h, in mysterious circumstances of delta Meghwal on Sunday, April 4 The Real Story Behind the Rape and Killing of Dalit Girl Student, Delta Meghwal . Another fact-finding report had also been released earlier.

Demands that were made today:
1.  Section 302 should be applied to the FIR and investigation and should not be removed until the complete investigation is over including the question of ‘drowning’ in the tank of its size.

2. An independent investigation be ordered by the CBI.

3. The security of other girls studying in the same institution is a matter of grave concern. A High Level Inquiry Committee of the Education Department needs to be set up to assess whether Security Concerns of Girls in this Hostel are being thoroughly met; and Steps should be taken by the College Administration to Ensure proper Security;

4. There has been a clear-cut violation of the newly enacted Sexual Harrasment Act of 2013 (Sexual Harassment at Workplace , Prevention, Prohition and Redressal Act). Therefore, Section 26 of this Law should be applied; Rs 50,000 fine should be levied on the institution and its permission/registration withdrawn.

5. Students, Teachers and Staff of this and Other Institutes should be given adequate trainings to become familiar with  the POCSO (Protection of children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012) and other laws concerning gender related offences.

6. The State Bal Adhikar Ayog (Rajasthan Commission for the Protection of Children) should immediately visit the institution and speak individually to all students. Trainings should also be conducted. Similarly the State Women’s Commission should also have direct contact with the women students and teachers of the institution.

7. The School in Delta Meghwal’s village Trimohi on Gadara Road, Barmer should be named after her and be declared as the Delta Meghwal Government Primary School. The school should be extended to secondary level so that girls have the facility to study in the cillage itself.

8. Prosecution of both Eashwar Chand Ved, chairman of the Jain Adarsh Teacher Training Institute and Secretary and Jagdishmal Lodha for criminal negligence should be initiated.

9. A Compensation of Rs 25 lakhs has also been demanded.

Report on Delta Meghwal Rape and Murder




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