IMSD condemns caste-based discrimination by a Kerala mosque

Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD) is shocked by the decision  of a masjid committee in Kerala asking a Dalit Muslim to stay away from a general meeting on the ground that “traditionally your ancestors were prohibited from attending the general meeting”

There is no concept of caste in the religion of Islam but evidently caste and caste-based discrimination remain part of the shameful reality of lived Islam in South Asia and elsewhere too.

We stand in solidarity with the Dalit Pasmanda Collective Justice Project (DPCJP) who have condemned such blatant discrimination by the ‘Puthoorpally Muslim Jamaath’ mosque in Changanassery, Kerala.

The DPJC has demanded that the Kerala government and police take “strong action against these hate-mongers who hold casteist/racist beliefs.” Else, “we will take action against them in our own manner.” We support the democratic right to peaceful protest.

In principle, IMSD is opposed to all forms of caste-based discrimination. In the context of Muslims it is also bad politics considering that the ruling-BJP is working overtime in their attempt to woo Pasmanda Muslims and Muslim women to the saffron camp.

We call upon all Muslim organisations and individuals to demand that the concerned mosque committee in Changanassery apologise to Dalit Muslims and end the discriminatory practice.


1. A. J. Jawad, IMSD Co-convener, Advocate, Channai
2. Akbar Shaikh, Farmer, Activist, Solapur
3. Anjum Rajabali, Film Writer, Mumbai
4. Arif Kapadia, IMSD, Business, Activist, Mumbra, Thane
5. Arshad Alam, IMSD, Columnist, New Age Islam, Delhi
6. Askari Zaidi, IMSD, Senior journalist, Delhi
7. Aziz Lokhandwala, Businessman, Mumbai
8. Feroze Mithiborwala, IMSD Co-convener, Mumbai
9. Gauhar Raza, ANHAD, Scientist, Poet
10. Jasbeer Mustafa, Scholar, Australia
11. Javed Anand, IMSD, Convener, Mumbai
12. Kasim Sait, IMSD, Businessman-philanthropist, Chennai
13. Khadija Farooqui, IMSD, Gender Activist, Delhi
14. Madhu Prasad, IMSD, Educationist, Delhi
15. Mansoor Sardar, IMSD, Bhiwandi
16. Masooma Ranalvi, IMSD, We Speak Out, Delhi
17. Mohammed Imran, PIO, USA
18. Muniza Khan, IMSD, Varanasi
19. Nasreen Contractor, IMSD Co-convener, Mumbai
20. Nasreen Fazelbhoy, IMSD, Mumbai
21. Nuruddin Naik, Businessman, Activist, Mumbra, Tnane
22. Qutuib Jahan, NEEDA, Mumbai
23. (Dr) Ram Puniyani , IMSD, Author, Activist, Mumbai
24. Rashida Tapadar, Academic, Activist, Nagaland
25. Riyaz Shaikh, Mumbai
26. Sabah Khan, IMSD, Parcham, Mumbai
27. Saleem Saboowala, Activist, Mumbai
28. Shabana Mashraki, IMSD, Consultant, Mumbai
29. Shabnam Hashmi, ANHAD
30. Shama Zaidi, Documentary Film Maker, Mumbai
31. Sheeba Aslam, Fehmi, IMSD, TV Commntator, Delhi
32. Sultan Shahin, Editor-in chief and publisher, New Age Islam, Delhi
33. Teesta Setalvad, IMSD, CJP, Mumbai
34. Zakia Soman, BMMA, Delhi
35. (Dr) Zeenat Shaukatali, IMSD, Wisdom Foundation, Mumbai
36. Zulekha Jabeen, IMSD, Activist, Delhi



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