An Independent RSS Handle, followed by PM Modi on Twitter, advocates for economic boycott of Muslims

An Independent RSS Twitter Handle @RSS_Org, followed by PM Modi and other top BJP leaders like Meenakshi Lekhi etc, today advocated for complete economic boycott of Muslims over a span of 3 tweets. This twitter account has over 1 lakh followers and they describe themselves as “An independent initiative by RSS Swayamsevaks” according to their Twitter bio.



At some point of time, they deleted the above tweets and retweeted the same content but took out the “Muslim” reference.

Bfore expctng Modi to do some James Bondish act, Can u pls start boycotting Illegl immigrants Maids, rickshaw, auto, Kabadiwala, Barber etc?
— RSS (@RSS_Org) March 28, 2016

However, it was pretty obvious that their actual target were Indian Muslims and not Illegal Bangladeshis because neither Karim’s in Delhi is run by any immigrants nor can you figure out whether a person is an immigrant or not just by asking their names as suggested in their tweets.

This was not the first time when this handle, followed by PM Narendra Modi, blatantly targeted the minority community. Sometime back, they had suggested that “weapons need to be stocked” for protection from Jihadi attack while characterizing the outpour over the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri as a “Jihadi attack”.


Yet, PM Narendra Modi continues to follow these accounts thus boosting the acceptability of such bigoted accounts. And the list of bigoted accounts that PM follows is pretty long. Just yesterday, we wrote about how PM follows various accounts which spread dangerous communal canards regarding the murder of the 40 year old Dentist, Dr Pankaj Narang, in Delhi. Previously, we have written about how PM Modi follows people who use photo-shopped images to spread communal hatred. And also how PM Modi follows people who hurl sexists abuses at women.

The social media team that handles PM Modi’s accounts could well to do some spring cleaning. After all, he’s the PM of India and it doesn’t look very good when PM follows such perverse accounts, irrespective of how many times they chant “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.

Courtesy: Truth of Gujarat



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