‘India is Threatened by Brahminism, Not Muslims’, says Bhim Army Chief

Reports coming in that the UP government plans to use NSA against Chandrashekhar. Should be condemned and opposed by all concerned.

Even as the embers of the recent fires continue to smolder in Saharanpur, ‘Dalit-Thakur’ clashes have been reported just now from Sardana. Ravi Das statues have apparently been desecrated in many places in Western UP, according to preliminary reports from senior journalist Radhika Ramaseshan. In that context, we are Chalchitra Abhiyaan the organization of Dalits that is in the eye of the storm, fighting back – the Bhim Army. Vilified by the local media for fighting back, Nakul Sigh Sawhney and the Abhiyaan have recirculated their video interview of Advocate Chandrashekhar, taken a few weeks back. Chandrashekhar is the founder of Bhim Army. Here is the video:

This was first published on kafila.online.

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