Indians root for religious pluralism, farmer protests resonate, 55 % of Indians believe corruption has increased: CSDS-Lok Niti Pre-poll Survey

An overwhelming majority of respondents, as high as 79 %, root for the idea of India, that India belongs to all religions equally, not just Hindus while a staggering 58 % identify with the farmers protests and a significant 55 per cent of Indians believe that corruption has shot up in the past five years. These are the findings of the CSDS-Lokniti 2024 pre-poll survey released on April 11

The CSDS-Lokniti 2024 pre-poll survey shows remarkable across the board support for religious pluralism. The findings of the pre 2024 poll survey reveal that an overwhelming majority of respondents (79%) root for the idea that India belongs to all religions equally and not just Hindus; that it must remain a country where people following different religions can live and practice their faith freely. This remarkable support for religious pluralism shows that religious tolerance continues to be a defining element of the social fabric despite attempts at hate politics and division vitiating it over a decade. .

What is even more interesting is the finding that a high and significant 79 per cent of Indians believe that India belongs to citizens of all religions equally, not just Hindus; with a minority 11 per cent believing to the contrary (10 per cent expressed no opinion)

As crucial for the upcoming polls is the fact that 55 per cent of Indians (55% in villages, 53 % in towns and 57 % in cities) believe that corruption is a significant factor affecting public and political life in the past five years. Besides, support for the farmers protests too resonates widely.


The significant findings of this pre-poll survey is that it is not just religious minorities to lay emphasis on religious pluralism, but all Indians who believe that India belongs to followers of all religions is also held by members of the majority religion. Nearly eight in every 10 Hindus said that they have faith in religious pluralism. Only 11% of Hindus said that they think that India is nation of Hindus. What is as or more reassuring is that more young people (81%) than old (73%) were inclined to put a premium on religious pluralism. Interestingly even as support for religious tolerance is high across the social spectrum, it is 72 % of those unschooled and unlettered who support the idea while a high 83% of highly educated people have said that they were in favour of equal status of all religions.

@LoknitiCSDS ‘ recent #NES2024PrePoll study reveals intriguing trends in #qualityoflife over the past five years. According to the data, nearly a half of the respondents report an improvement, while 35 percent indicate a decline in their quality of life.

According our recent #NES2024PrePoll study, nearly three fifth of respondents feel that getting #jobs has become more difficult compared to the last five years, underscores the prevailing challenges in the #jobmarket, only a proportion of 12 percent find it easier.


The @LoknitiCSDS #NES2024PrePoll data, #unemployment holds the top spot as the single most important voting issue, followed by the issue of #pricerise. While popular issues such as that of #corruption and #RamMandir were not mentioned by voters as their most important concerns.

The issue of #Corruption has remained vital to Indian electoral arena. Figures from our #NES2024PrePoll study highlight a pervasive concern about corruption across all economic groups, underscoring the need for concerted efforts to address this pressing issue.

Encouraging findings from @LoknitiCSDS 2024 #prepoll: 79% believe ‘India belongs to all religions equally, not just Hindus’. Urban areas (85%) and educated individuals (83%) show stronger support for plurality.

Data form #NES2024PrePoll paints a stark picture: Trust in the #ElectionCommission has plummeted compared to five years ago. Though there’s a slight rise in trust, the number of sceptics has doubled. Vital for democracy, restoring faith in electoral processes is imperative.

Recognized as crucial policy, caste census lacks political seriousness. The #NES2024 #PrePoll data reveals 57% call for expanding #SC category to include #Hindu and #Muslim for #reservation.

#NES2024PrePoll reveals divided views on #BJP‘s #nepotism: 25% see it less than #Congress, 24% say equally nepotistic. Only a minority perceive BJP as nepotism-free.

The @LoknitiCSDS #prepoll study unveils insights into Indian voters’ perspectives on the government’s actions. While 34% see the revocation of #Article370 positively, 16% support it with reservations. Surprisingly, 20% aren’t aware of Article 370.


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