India’s Top bureaucrats speakout

“It is an unfortunate fact that in successive communal riots in independent India, justice has not been done to the victims. In many cases the guilty have gone unpunished. There have also been allegations of biased handling by our police. These factors only increase alienation. Let’s not forget our peculiar circumstances – we have a neighbour whose intelligence wing is waiting to manipulate such alienation. It is potentially a very dangerous situation. The state and every section of civil society must urgently look into it

Former cabinet secretary

“We put justice as the first principal of our Constitution, but how many of us believe in it today ? We will pay a heavy price for relegating justice to the far corner. Why cannot we see that impartial justice is meant to prevent individuals or groups from taking the law into their own hands to secure it? Why does communal rioting continue in the land ? Why did the Coimbatore bomb blast shatter and kill?

KF Rustomji
Former DGP, BSF Padma Vibhushan

Archived from Communalism Combat, March  1998, Year 5  No. 41, Cover Story




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