Insulting other religions is not our Hindutva: Uddhav Thackeray

Hindutva is in our brains, we don’t wear it on our sleeves, we care about jobs, health and development

Uddhav Thackray
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The date was June 8, the locale was Shambhijanagar. The Shiv Sena’s mega rally was addressed by a pantheon of Shiv Sena leaders and at the culmination, by SS chief and Maharashtra’s chief minister, Uddhav Thackeray. The theme was the real Hindutva represented by the Shiv Sena as opposed to the divisive politics of the Modi-Shah regime. It was a head on attack and portions of the speech of the chief minister bear reproduction.

“Hindutva is our breath but deliberately I will speak of the water shortage of this town, Shambhijanagar because without water none can live. Has not your water situation improved? There is a 1972 project that we will find and revive that too. Unfortunately we lost one and a half year during the pandemic but we will overcome that. Steel prices have gone up, so many impediments there but we shall redouble our efforts to ensure projects and no contractors will be spared. He took on former BJP chief minister, Devendra Phadnis’ efforts to bring up issues of Shambhajinagar only to win elections and then not complete projects. Our Hindutva does not teach us to lie. Negative ad destructive development is not our way but lasting growth and developments. There are many issues to speak of. Once they (BJP) they are out of power, they are provoking us: my father has promised for the re-naming the town Shambhijanagar  (Aurangabad). One and a half years back we have asked the centre to rename our airport here, why is the Centre not doing this? If there is honesty and temperance in your keadership and governance then change the name?

“What is a name, Shambhajinagar if I can’t give you water, decent roads, decent living? How can I rename this historic town Shambhijanagar with broken down roads? When I re-name this town it will have the facilities, water and roads to be proud of.

(In a gesture to Phadnavis, Thackeray said), ‘Go there and complain in Delhi (to Modi-Shah) why the proposal to re-name the Chikkalthana airport as per the 1.5 year old proposal of the Maharashtra government is not being sanctioned?’

“He poked fun at Phadnavis claim of being at Faizabad-Ayodhya when the Babri masjid was demolished. He spent more than a few minutes outlining Shiv Sena’s true claims on Hindutva.However, Hindutva he said was nation-building and came with a sense of dignity and purpose. Hindutva is not about hate and abuse, said Thackeray.

“The uncontrolled way spokespersons of that party speak (referring to Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Mohammad) was sharply condemned and ridiculed by Thakeray. Has the SS supremo (referring to Bal Thackeray) ever taught us to ridicule and demonise Islam and Muslims? He demanded and the crowd responded with a ‘No.’

“Shivaji Maharaj Jai, that Shivaji Maharaaj if he ever got hold of the (Holy) Koran in a military campaign would respect the Holy Book. That is SS culture. We respect all religions, don’t believe in spreading hate. All (our) respective faiths should be within the home; once we step outside, our country is our religion,” thundered Uddhav Thackeray. But if anyone tries to tarnish this tradition: why should you indulge other faiths, Prophets?

“Once insulted, all Arab nations came together and brought India to its knees, to apologise. Politics apart, the prime minister of our country had to apologise. We may have differences, and this is unacceptable that the prime minister photographs are on the garbage bins of another country? This is not acceptable, we just have to watch.

“Why should India and the PM apologise? Crime has been committed by the BJP, the tin pot spokjespersons of the BJP have committed the crime. BJP’s crimes are not the country’s crimes. BJP’s ideology and vision cannot be the country, India, Bharat, Hindustan’s vision, ever. You take your policies forward. And here I publicly ask you, do you accept that because of your tin pot spokespersons, the country’s international respect has been brought to dustbin status?

Uddhav Thackeray made a sharp criticism of the double-standards in prime minister, Narendra Modi’s public utterances on farmers, government schemes etc and actual policy that has put more burdens 50-60 lakh Indian farmers? The fact that the Modi-Shah regime wants to benefit insurance companies not the farmers! He took on Modi’s false claims in his speeches –UjjwalaYojana when people complained of a shortage of cylinders; hiking of prices of diesel/petrol then—after protests– effect small bits of reduction. He compared the state of affairs to a film, Aajka MLA, wherein star, Rajesh Khanna starred. He entertained businessmen who wanted sharp increase in costs and then by duplicitous means decrease them slightly!!! Uddhav Thackeray likened the prime minister’s promises to this sort of false promises. He also criticized targeting opposition leaders through false cases of CBI and ED, Thackeray challenged the Centre to have CBI/ED raids in Kashmir and speak out for Kashmiri Pandits! Maharashtra will do everything for Kashmiri Pandits!

Earlier, Uddhav Thackeray also nostalgically recalled that it was Shambhijanagar (Auranbgabad) that was the first victory point of the party in 1987 when as a young boy he had watched the political rise of his party.Unemployment and price rise plagues us, that should be of concern. Maharashtra was leading at Davos recently, we are working for real progress, education, jobs, health and real development. He outlines several road projects and educational projects including establishments of universities and colleges in future, despite the impediments caused by the pandemic.

Uddhav also made an emotive reference to the plight of Kashmiri Pandits presently in Kashmir where the Centre is simply not doing enough. Besides, he referred to a Muslim soldier in the Indian army who died fighting against Pakistan; when his body was found his name was Aurangzeb! Muslims, Hindus, any person who serves and dies for this country is Indian and has a space here!”

He was sarcastic of the alliance building period of 25-30 years when BJP was not in power but needed the Shiv Sena desperately. “Now that you are on your own in strength, this attitude towards a force that supported you, helped you grow, protected you, and this faithless tasteless attack? Your political avarice will be appropriately replied to by us!” Thackeray thundered.

Earlier, Shiv Sena’s Member of Parliament from the Rajya Sabha, Sanjay Raut was scathing in his attack on the divisive politics of the Modi-Shah regime. “When we ask about prices, unemployment they speak of Gyan Vapi and Taj Mahal,” he said.

The entire event can be viewed here.




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