Interfaith couple allegedly beaten up in Aligarh court!

Muslim man and Hindu woman claim they had gone to court to get married when they are thrashed


“I am not a minor… Don’t separate me from Sonu. I love him very much… he is my life..leave me… leave me…,” screams a distressed young woman as she is dragged away by policewomen into a waiting e-rickshaw. Later on in the clip a young man can be seen screaming “we were thrashed a lot in court… they stopped my love… they are taking my love away… her name is Anjali, my name is Sonu Malik”…  The videos have aired on the social media handle of News24 TV channel and are being shared widely.


According to a report in The Times Of India, Sonu Malik the 21-year-old man, who  is seen being forcibly taken away by policemen, works in Ambala in Haryana is reportedly Muslim. The girl is reportedly Hindu and has said in a second video that she had come from Chandigarh for a registered  marriage with Sonu Malik, who she had met on social media and become friends with. 

However the couple had to ‘hear a lot of things’ in the court, said the woman in the second clip where she is speaking calmly, and her face is covered, but she is seen wearing the same sweater as she was in the first clip when she was being dragged away. She says she did not know Sonu was a Muslim till later. The couple came together on a motorbike to the court in Aligarh to wed, she said. When the ruckus, that was captured on camera happened, some people in the background can also be heard saying the couple should be thrashed ‘properly’ as they are dragged away by two sets of police personnel.

According to the TOI report, the couple was was “allegedly abused and beaten inside the court premises”, and then taken to the Civil Line police station Aligarh but no FIR had been registered till late on Thursday. Circle officer (CO) Anil Samaniya was quoted saying: “The matter is under investigation.” 


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