International Human Rights groups condemn “India’s Nuremberg Laws”

South Asia Solidarity Group, Caste Watch UK, Indian Muslim Federation, London anti-CAA and Strive UK issue statement opposing CAA, Love Jihad law

Five international human rights organisations have come together to issue a statement on World Human Rights Day denouncing what they call “India’s Nuremberg Laws”. The organisations are: South Asia Solidarity Group, Caste Watch UK, Indian Muslim Federation , London anti-CAA  and Strive UK.

In a joint statement, the groups said, “Today International Human Rights Day is also ironically the day before the one year anniversary of the Islamophobic Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).”They added, “On the anniversary of this key moment in the current rise of Indian fascism, we condemn not only the CAA but also the BJP’s latest Islamophobic legislation against “Love Jihad”, introduced in Uttar Pradesh and being planned in several other states.”

Drawing disturbing parallels with Hitler’s 1935 Nuremberg Laws which led directly to the Holocaust, the groups dubbed these two legislations as “India’s Nuremberg Laws”.

Nirmala Rajasingham (South Asia Solidarity Group) said, “While the  BJP government is bringing laws which replicate Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws, the resistance to fascism is also growing and we stand solidly with it -from the inspiring Shaheen Baghs which sprang up all over India to strong resistance by students to the iconic protests by farmers protests rocking India in resistance to corporate takeover of agriculture, we are with them in total solidarity. Modi should know that the world is watching and the anger against his regime is growing internationally.”

Shamsuddin Agha (Indian Muslim Federation) said, “The similarities between 1930s Germany and present day India is uncanny, the closing of slaughter houses, creation of registers naming targeted minorities, banning of marriages are just some of the Nazi Policies which lead to some of the worst atrocities in History. Millions of Indians recognise that these policies are dangerous but millions more need to understand the type of destruction that they can lead too. I am confident that when our fellow Indians will think from their hearts and minds they will unite to prevent such destruction in India. However this realisation needs to happen before it is too late.”

“The BJP government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has enacted draconian laws in violation of fundamental human rights exploiting the dictum that laws are an internal matter for each state, therefore, immune from international outrage. No power can last forever. History will judge the BJP’s reign of terror as India’s darkest episode for the reckless violence it has wrought upon the Indian people in the name of Hindu nationalism,” said Satpal Muman (Caste Watch UK).   

Sageer (Strive UK) said, “We condemn and protest the CAA and the Love Jihad Laws which oppress minorities and women. We call on all to resist the machinations of the BJP and its parent the RSS.”

The joint statement further said, “We stand with all those who are resisting fascism from the Shaheen Bagh to the farmers mass movement currently rocking India and with the journalists, dissenters and truth tellers who have faced violence and incarceration on draconian charges.”


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