Don’t Treat Kashmiris Like Terrorists: CPI(M) MLA Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami

CPIM MLA from Kulgam (J&K) in this exclusive interview with Communalism Combat-Newsclick urges for an all party political intervention in Kashmir involving all shades of political opinion to restore the people of the valley to a life of dignity. Teesta Setalvad conducted the interview telephonically from Delhi on the evening of Monday, July 11

Neither the state government under the PDP chief minister nor the central government under Modi have showed any inclination to further any political dialogue nor resolve long pending demands and resentments, the senior political leader, Tarigami added. Narendra Modi, prime minister, presently, on a whirlwind tour of African nations has so far not spoken a word on the conflict that has so far left 30 dead, 2 from the police, 28 civilians. Three police personnel are reportedly missing so far. The death of Burhan Wani, a 22 year old Hizb-Ul-Mujahideen commander who was killed in an ‘encounter’ last Friday had led to waves of protests all over the valley and a funeral procession where thousands participated, a number very high for attendance at funerals even given the previous record of the valley over 25 years. Some media has reported that Indian home minister, Rajnath Singh today spoke to sections of the political opposition in Delhi

The suffering over the past few days has been unprecedented, the loss of life tragic and property worth crores has been destroyed. The fact that there was mindless firing and killing of peaceful protesters at the funeral is what led to the exacerbation of the conflict, added Tarigami
In the midst of the conflict that erupted over the past four days, the fact that the Amarnath Yatra concluded peacefully and that Yatris were not attacked as were neither the tourists in the valley is a sign not just of hope but reflects the plural ethos of Kashmiris, Tarigami said
Don’t Treat Kashmiris Like Terrorists, the CPI(M) MLA Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami appealed to Indians, the Intelligentsia and the Media saying that the outpouring of grief and protest on the death of Burhan Wani was simply symbolic of the pent up resentments in the valley since 2008 and 2010 that have been left un-addressed by the political class. The MLA from Kulgam in the state, who represents a voice of sanity from the region spoke to general secretary of the CPI(M), Sitaram Yechury, this morning urging that initiatives be taken to bring the opposition at the national level on board to intervene on the issue as well

Social media, especially facebook and twitter have been used and over used over the past four days to express opinions and sentiments on the question, with reports authenticated and otherwise doing the rounds even as trolls and abusers have had a field day. 





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