Dr Kafeel Khan Uncut with Teesta Setalvad (Part-1)

In one of the most extensive interviews, Dr Kafeel Khan talks to Human Rights activist Teesta Setalvad on the chilling accounts of what happened during the tragic 48 hours in August 2017. Dr. Khan was hailed as a hero initially and in a day’s time, he was haunted as the most wanted. Even though the public got to know that it was the lack of oxygen which caused the deaths of children, we do not know everything that happened in-between.

Dr. Kafeel Khan dismisses point by point, all propaganda to the contrary. He also goes on to describe how Yogi warned him and how he had to pay a heavy price for doing his duty. In one of the the most chilling disclosures, Dr. Khan seeks our attention to what happened in the other departments of the hospital on the same days. The liquid oxygen had ran out of supply to all the other departments as well, but nobody talked about it.

Watch Dr Khan open up like never before to Teesta Setalvad – first part of the 4 episodes interview.





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