Exclusive: Interview with Bilkis Bano’s lawyer, Ms Shobha

After the historic verdict in the Bilkis Bano case which was given by the Supreme Court on 23rd April 2019,  we talked to the woman who stood by her for 16 years. Shobha Gupta talks about the key arguments made in the case and some of the hardships faced in not only cases like this but in similar cases as well. 

Not only did a 21 year old Bilkis Bano lose her entire family in the Gujarat carnage of 2002 but she was also gang raped. Where the State failed to deliver any form of justice, the Supreme Court took cognisance of this and delivered a verdict that instructs the Gujarat government to pay Bilkis Bano an “exemplary compensation” of 50 lakh and provide her with a job and a house.




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