RSS’s Version of History Colonial, Attempts to Eliminate Plurality of Indian Heritage

Five ‘M’s colour the RSS Reading of History, Mill, Macaulay, Max Mueller, Marx and Muslims: KM Shrimali

K.M. Shrimali, eminent historian of the early Indian period speaks to Teesta Setalvad of Communalism Combat on the dangerous project, of colonial origin, afoot in India under direct guidance of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)

The attack on the essence of History, as a discipline, the spirit of inquiry and reason guiding the seeking of evidence: K.M. Shrimali

The political aim is clear, just as the British Colonialists did, perpetuate a an othering and hatred for all that is Muslim: K.M. Shrimali

Religion has always been part of society, ever-changing and evolving: K.M. Shrimali

The Five ‘M’s colour the RSS Reading of History, Mill, Macaulay, Max Mueller and Muslims writing history. And even the image of nationalism that they try to project, ironically, comes from some of the fundamental postulates of the colonial view of writing ancient history in particular: : K..M. Shrimali

The interview is a joint production of Communalism Combat and Newsclick




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