The call for Uniform Civil Code is politically motivated: Flavia Agnes

The call for Uniform Civil Code is politically motivated, Flavia Agnes, eminent scholar and women's rights lawyer has said in an interview with Dr Abhay Kumar.

She has expressed disappointment that the Union Government has taken no steps at all to end gender discrimination and economic inequality, something that was underscored in the 21 Law Commission Report. Instead of concerning itself with gender discrimination overall, raising the implementation of the UCC is selective.

Author of several books on Family Laws, Flavia Agnes has argued that while an impression is being created that only Muslims are opposing Uniform Civil Code, the reality is that Adivasis and people from Mizoram have strongly spoken against Uniform Civil Code and any uniformity from the top.

Moreover, Flavia Agnes has said that the need of the hour is not to impose uniformity but to work for ending gender discrimination wherever it exists, in different customary and family laws.

She has also claimed that the imposition of the Uniform Civil Code is against the spirit of federalism

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