A Chronicle of Communal Incidents in the Coastal Districts of Karnataka

The December 18, 2013 incident at Deralakatte in which a criminal gang kidnapped a student couple and demanded ransom money after filming their sex act was given a communal color and sought to be used for political purposes by the Sangh Parivar after it became known that the gang members and the male victim belonged to the Muslim community. The Sangh Parivar organizations held protest meets and demonstrations across the district. In some places provocative banners were put up with headings such as “It’s one rule for the Hindus and a different one for the Muslims. Is this right?”, “Are you all dead?”, “Why nobody is raising his voice?” Following media reports and public protests, the police got into action and removed all such banners. A sample of the provocative banner as published in “Karavali Ale” dated 2.1.2014:

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