Invitation to migrant workers, a step against govt’s failure to help citizens: SKM

Stating that farmers are returning to the border after the conclusion of the harvest season, the SKM said workers are welcome to seek refuge at protest points where food and shelter is available.

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The Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) asserted that its invitation to migrant workers will stand regardless of the large farmers’ convoy heading for Delhi border protest sites on April 23, 2021, following harvest season.

“Let no one be under the misunderstanding that this is to boost numbers of protestors at Delhi borders. The invitation to migrant workers is because farmers, as India’s annadaatas, understand the distress of workers,” said SKM leader Darshan Pal.

Members warned workers that the central government was insensitive to peasants’ needs. Farmers said workers may not be able to find employment in villages either. In light of this, farmer leaders offered temporary food and shelter at protest sites where there is no fear of infection.

“Once a semblance of normalcy is restored, migrant workers can get back to their employment sites, and by this, can save on unnecessary travel costs. Incidentally, farmers’ unity with workers will be reinforced,” said Darshan Pal.

Further, the SKM condemned the baseless accusations that protesting farmers have been obstructing oxygen supply to the national capital. Farmers said the police misdirected oxygen supply trucks towards protest sites instead of directing them through the shortest correct route to hospitals.

“It is the government which is to be squarely blamed for barricading roads and obstructing free passage, whereas in all protest sites, farmers have already left such passage for vehicular movement,” said the SKM.

Farmers who previously left Delhi for the wheat harvest headed for Delhi in tractor trolleys from Barwani in Haryana’s Sonepat district. Many women farmers will also be travelling in these trolleys while men prepare for the next season at home.

Earlier, SKM leaders had a detailed meeting with Haryana government officials where the administration agreed to remove barricades on one side of the highway at the Singhu Border, to give free passage to oxygen, ambulance and other such emergency services. Farmers said they offer support in the fight against the corona pandemic in every possible way. Meanwhile, a large deployment of state police attempted to evict farmers at Asoda toll plaza. However, farmers re-occupied the toll plaza after a standoff with the police, said agitators.


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