It’s Modi vs Farmers: NRI children of Punjab’s farmers

NRIs express solidarity, raise funds for the protesting farmers in Delhi


“Our elders toiled in the farms, worked hard to send us for education in Canada, so we could earn in dollars are now being targeted by the Modi government,” said a Sikh Indian-Canadian holding up a protest sign in Brampton. Another protester, his voice choking with emotion asked, “Our fathers and grandfathers are back home are protesting the black laws, and the authorities have fired water cannons, set up barricades… may even shoot them?”

“That actress said our mothers and sisters are available for a hundred rupees for protest,” came another voice, rising in anger in reaction to fake news and communal slurs being hurled online, an onslaught led by actor Kangana Ranaut, who shared fake news that the old Punjabi woman farmer (seen in a month old photo) was Bilquis Daadi of Shaheen Bagh. For Ranaut, and those who agreed with her amplified the fake news that these women protestors were available for ‘hire’, the voices from abroad will add to the many thousands who have already called them out on this now deleted tweet. Insulting women farmers has upset all sane citizens who know that Women farmers are the worst hit by any anti-farmer laws. 

At this protest in Canada, it was the children and grandchildren of these women farmers who said they will “work double shifts,” and financially support their families sitting on protest for as long as it takes. “The Modi government should take back the farm laws that farmers are objecting to,” said another. More protests are being planned as the NRI/ international community adds its voice to the farmers protest. They have plans to hold further protests across the region and have urged the larger community of Indian origin individuals living abroad to join in. More vlogs (video blogs) which have lakhs of followers have begun noticing and mentioning the farmers’ protests now underway in Delhi, and across the country.

“We should start a fundraiser of supporting protest of farmers in delhi.pls u should start it we are with u.I was on work today i can’t reach the protest but i will give all what i earned today (sic),” commented Jas Karan, a social media user who has said what many NRIs OCIs have planned. Financial and emotional support from abroad by the descendants of farmers who have always sent money home and added to national coffers indirectly. 

“Please share this video for our Farmers & Awareness,” said the video blogger Manraj Singh Mangat, who lives and works in Canada, his father, a retired army man who now works as a farmer on the family’s lands. Mangat, better known as Manni to his lakhs of followers on social media, is among the scores of non resident punjabis who are joining the farmers’ protest in solidarity in many ways. His video of the recent protect may be seen here:

There were also cricket fans, some in Australia supporting the Indian farmers protest during yesterday’s match. 



According to a report in the Tribune, a large number of non-resident Indians (NRIs) have joined in support of the protesting farmers in Delhi and started sending them aid. Around 50,000 Canadian dollar (Rs 25 lakhs) has been donated by Raja Dhaliwal of Canada’s “World Financial Group” and the executive team to help the farmers and they have donated for providing langar to the farmers. They have given the money to Ravi Singh of the Khalsa Aid. Khalsa Aid has begun langar, community kitchens at the protest sites. 

Canada’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan expressed his concern at the way the Indian government is treating the peaceful protesters, “very troubling,” he said, adding “Healthy democracies allow peaceful protest. I urge those involved to uphold this fundamental right.”

The Tribune quoted NDP leader in Canada Jagmeet Singh as saying, “The violence perpetrated by the Indian govt against farmers peacefully protesting is appalling. I stand in solidarity with the farmers from Punjab and across India – and, I call on the Indian govt to engage in peaceful dialogue rather than violence.” According to UK MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi also quoted in the report as saying, “It takes a special kind of people to feed those ordered to beat and suppress them. I stand with farmers of Punjab and other parts of India, including our family and friends, who are peacefully protesting against the encroaching privatization of #FarmersBill 2020.”

Earlier, NRIs in Canada, Italy, the US, the UK and France have expressed support for farmers and also staged protests against the three farm bills passed by the Union Government, added the news report, it quoted one Gurpreet Singh of Canada said, “I came to Canada around ten years back and have agricultural land in Punjab. Even all my relatives in Punjab are associated with farming, I feel that these reform bills have been passed to crush the small farmers, so there is a need for everyone to come out and support our Punjabi farmers.”


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