Jharkhand: CM orders probe into attack on Muslim man by BJP supporters

The video went viral on social media showing a group, including a woman, physically and verbally abusing the man

attack on Muslim manImage Courtesy:telegraphindia.com

“Spit and lick it. Say jai shree ram… we are Hindus,” demands the angry hindutva mob, including a woman in Dhanbad. The vidoes of the terrified Muslim man being beaten and forced to chant “Jai Shri Ram” went viral on Friday. The attack was allegedly by a group of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers who were ‘protesting’ the alleged breach in the Prime Minister’s security in Punjab recently. They found an easy victim in the Muslim man, then proceeded to surround him and beat him up brutally on Friday near city centre in Dhanbad.

The man was beaten allegedly for abusing party leaders, reported Hindustan Times. The victim has been identified as Zeeshan Khan, resident of Shamsher Nagar in Wasseypur in Dhanbad. According to a report in Hindustan Times, his younger brother Rehan Khan said that Zeeshan was mentally unstable and is under treatment at Central Institute of Psychiatry in Ranchi. “Only three of us live in our home. Both me and my mother have private jobs. We were out when my brother left home. He has returned home after the incident. Though we are yet to decide on lodging a formal complaint, but they should not have done what they did. Even if he abused them, they could have handed him over to police,” Rehan was quoted in HT. 

Chief minister Hemant Soren has directed Dhanbad deputy commissioner to conduct a probe and take action. The videos show how the mob is keen to be filmed while assaulting an innocent man and force him to do sit-ups, lick spit on the road. The victim can be heard pleading and repeatedly saying he was a Muslim. “Dhanbad DC should probe the incident and revert with the action taken report. There is no space for animosity in the state where people love to live in peace,” the CM said.

According to BJP legislator from Dhanbad, Raj Sinha, who was also present at the protest, “This man came in front of us and started abusing our state president taking his name. We asked him to leave. I don’t know what exactly happened with him after the party workers pushed him away from where we were sitting. However, it needs to be probed whether this entire thing was a conspiracy. Otherwise why would anyone just come and start abusing us.” 


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