Jharkhand: Jhingur Bhuiyan dies of hunger after 10 days of not being able to get any food

Jhingur Bhuiyan, a Dalit man, died of hunger in Jhodagada village, Kanha Chatti block, Chattra district of Jharkhand. His wife says that Jhingur had not had food for 10 days prior to his death. Both the husband and the wife did not have ration cards, and there have been allegations that the ration dealer refused to supply grains.

Hunger deaths
Jharkhand Food minister says denial of ration to starvation victims is a rumour as the they did not lodge any complaint against it. Also retina scan to be introduced at PDS shops. A report in  the media can be read here.
After the Shahnawaz Hussain, Food Minister Saryu Roy speaks “Problem with activists is that they have drawn a line and they don’t want to come out of it. Even if facts are shared with them about any suspected hunger death, they don’t appreciate it. There are people who will always spread propaganda,”
A suspected case of starvation death of a disabled child in Nuapada district was reported1 on 10th July 2019. According to the news report, Goutam Behera, 17, a locomotor disabled child died on 6th of July 2019 allegedly of starvation without any food for five days till his death. Goutam was from Sargimunda village of Karlakot Panchayat under Boden block of Nuapada district. Fact finding report by Odisha Right to Food Campaign can be read here.



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