Jignesh Mevani a Threat, Attacked 4 Times in 24 Hours

Young and firebrand leader Jignesh Mevani has been attacked four times in the pst 24 hours by goons, he alleges of the ruling dispensation. Mevani is contesting from the Vadgam Constituency in Banaskantha.

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सादर प्रणाम – में भी गुजरात का बेटा हूं मोदीजी दिल बड़ा रखा करो छाती भले 56 इंच की हो न हो। जो जीत रहा हो उस पर हमला करवाओ, ये आईडिया आपका है या अमित शाह का क्योकि ये गुजरात की तो परंपरा है नही। #ShameOnYouBJP https://t.co/Ah72KAeg4h

— Jignesh Mevani (@jigneshmevani80) December 5, 2017

Significantly, there has been a tremendous public support for Jignesh Mevani in the Vadgam Assembly constituency of Gujarat. Thousands of people had landed in support of Jignesh Mevani in the road show yesterday. In many villages, youth, women, and local people welcomed Jignesh Mevani.
Jignesh, who is pushing the voice of politics based on public issues, in the Vadgaam assembly says that the attacks are in direct proportion to this burgeoning public  support. After his gathering in Badalpura yetsreday,reportedly BJP members have started tearing down the posters of Jignesh Mevani in the middle of the procession in the village of Takarwara.
 Immediately after this, Jignesh Mevani’s convoy was again reportedly attacked in the glasses of one car were broken. Jignesh Mevani  has been raising issues including the failure fo the ruling BJP to deliver on land promises to the Dalit and landless. Issues like the attacks on youth, for employment, for education and for health of for roads, electricity, water and against attacks on Dalits, and Muslims have been consistently raised by Mevani in public campaigns and during the elections. In view of these issues, there is no response to the serious questions raised among the people.
“During yesterday’s roadshow, the members of  BJP attacked my convoy at Sedrasson and Semodara villages. This is the third attack by BJP supporters in 24 hours,” says Jignesh Mevani. Next he was attacked in Patosan Village, Vadgam at around 8 pm on December 5. Mevani has however vowed to keep the fight going despite this kind of intimidation and direct attacks.

Mevani burst on the Gujarat and national scene as an energentic and analytical leader and spekesperson of the Dalit after the ghastly Una violence last year. An advocate by profession, Mevani has been mobilising on the crucial issue of lands for Dalits.

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