J’khand: Chaibasa tribals allegedly assaulted by security forces during Naxal search op

Gram Sabha Anjedbeda has appealed to the local MLA, MP as well as the National Human Rights Commission as well as the Deputy Commissioner of West Singbhum, Chaibasa

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The tribals of Anjedbeda village after having allegedly endured an assault by the paramilitary forces during a Naxal search operation, have written a complaint detailing the same, including molestation of a  minor teenage girl and assault on a minor teenage boy, amongst others.

On November 11, during a Naxal search operation by Paramilitary forces, the inhuman treatment given to innocent men and women as well assaulted them.

In the complaint, they have given a detailed description of the atrocities meted out to the villagers. A couple of jawans attempted to rape a teenage girl and in that bid molested her and pulled her to wards the forest when her mother intervened and even the mother was beaten up. A boy, about 16 years of age was kicked, tied up with a rope while they allegedly pulled his hair, beat him up with slippers and even tried to strangle him. Even his mother was allegedly not spared and was assaulted as she was beaten up by the butt of the rifle, kicked and grabbed by her hair and thrown on the ground. They also entered a few homes and vandalized them

When the jawans entered the home of a pregnant woman with their shoes on, she protested and one of them allegedly pointed the rifle at her chest and then scattered all the household items, enraged by her protest. The complaint states that the paramilitary forces entering adivasi homes with their shoes on physically and mentally harassing them has become a regular affair.

The complaint further recalls that on June 15, 2002 as well under the guise of Naxal search operation, adivasis were beaten up where one Guna Gop who is differently abled, was assaulted due to which he broke his legs. While a case was registered and the matter is subjudice, the family has not received any compensation and neither have the accused been nabbed and taken into custody.

Through the complaint the Gram Sabha Anjedbeda has demanded:

  1. Institute inquiry into the aforementioned incident of November 11, 2022 and nab those security personnel who molested the minor girl

  2. Adivasis are a peaceful community and we appeal to the district administration that innocent tribals should not be physically and mentally harassed in this manner

  3. The victims of the attacks that have been carried out by the paramilitary forces on November 11, 2022 and June 15, 2020 should be compensated fairly and delivered justice at the earliest

  4. In case of any such naxal search operations in the future the gram sabha should not be overlooked and should instead be kept in the loop by the security forces. If need be, permission be taken from the Gram Sabha before any such combing operation that requires searching houses of the residents. The villagers be treated with dignity during such operations. There is a barrier being created between the adivasis and security forces due to such incidents.

  5. Take cognizance of this matter and register an FIR at the earliest




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