Joining the anti-minority hate speech brigade, Baba Ramdev spews venom

After making derogatory statements against women, Ramdev now attacks Muslims and Christians

Baba ramdev

In a desperate attempt to gain attention and fit in with his extremist counterparts, Yoga Guru Ramdev delivered a hate-filled and misinformed speech in Barmer, Rajasthan. Through this speech, Ramdev said derogatory and demeaning statements, attacking the Muslim and Christian communities. In order to depict Hinduism as the best religion out of all, Ramdev tried to goad the audience into accepting a prejudicial, anti-Muslim narrative.

From time to time, Ramdev makes anti-women and anti-minority statements. In November last year, Ramdev had received a lot of criticism for making misogynistic remarks. Addressing a free Yoga training programme for women in Thane, Ramdev had blurted the following without batting an eyelid before the gathering, “Women look good in saris, they look great in salwar suits, and in my view, they look good even if they don’t wear anything.” The blatant statements spurred calls to “slap, kick and tonsure” Ramdev from various quarters in Maharashtra and other parts of India.

The speech

“Kisi Musalman se pucho ki tumhara dharam kya kehta hai, woh kehta hai ki 5 baar Namaz padho aur fir jo mann mei aye who karo. Chahe hinduon ki choriyon ko uthake lao, chahe jo bhi paap karna hai karo. Woh Islam ka matlab sirf namaz samjhate hai. (Ask a Muslim what your religion says, they will say that read namaz 5 times and then do whatever comes to mind. Whether you kidnap Hindu girls, do whatever sin you want to commit. They think that the meaning of Islam is only namaz.)”

“Bohot paap karte hai humare Muslim bhai, lekin namaz zarur padhenge maine dekha hai. Kyuki unko yahi seekhaya gaya hai bas, namaz padho baaki jo karna hai karo. Aatankwadi bann gaye bohot, baaki aur jitne bhi apraadhi bohot bann gaye. (Our Muslim brothers commit a lot of sins, but I have seen that they will definitely pray. Because that’s what they have been taught, just pray, do whatever else you want to do. They became terrorists, and a lot of them become criminals.)”

“Namaz zarur padhni. Bas itna karo aur fir jo mann mei aye who karo. Aisa Hindu dharam nahi hai. (Must read the prayer. Just do this and then do what comes to your mind. There is no such thing in the Hindu religion.)”

“Isayi yeh seekhate hai ki bas woh church mei jao, mombatti jalao, aur Isah-mesaih ke saamne khade ho jao aur saare paap maaf. (Christians learn to go to church, light candles, and stand before Jesus and Messiah, and get forgiveness for all sins.)”

“Aur unke liye swarg ka matlab hai takne ke upar pajama pehno, mooch katwalo, topi pehenlo. Aisa koi quran kehta hai ya aisa koi islam kehta hai yeh mai nahi keh raha hu. Lekin aise hi kar rahe hai log. (And for them, heaven means wearing pajamas over their ankles, cutting their mustachs, wear their caps. I am not saying that the Quran or any Islam tell them to do this. But that’s how people are doing it.)”

“Ki bas, tumhari jannat mei jagah pakka ho, jannat mei yeh mile, jannat mei hoor mile, udhar daaru bhi mile. But aise jannat toh jhanum se bhi bekaar hai. Lekin fir bhi who mooch katwa rahe, sir par topi rakh rahe. Bas pagalpan hai. (That you will surely have a place in paradise, you will get it in paradise, you will get beautiful women in paradise, you will also get alcohol there. But such paradise is even worse than hell. But still, they cut their moustache, keeping a hat on their head. It’s just madness.)”

“Islam islam…bas saari duniya koi Islam mei tabdeel karna hai issi chakkar mei padhe hue. (Islam Islam…they just have to convert the whole world into islam.)

“Aur isayion mei ek who idhar (points at his neck and throat) cross ka nishaan pehenlo. Fir kuch vesh-bhusha si bana rakhi hai, chote-chote kuch bana rakhe hai unhone. Jese humare sootr ya mantra hote hai, unke bhi kuch honge. (And Christians wear a cross mark here (points at his neck and throat). Then they have made some costumes, they have made small things. Just like our sutras or mantras, there have some of them too.)”

“Mai kisi se baare mei koi aloochna nahi kar raha ho. Yeh log bas ussi chakkar mei padhe hue hai. Koi kehta hai purri duniya koi Islam mei tabdeel karo, koi kehta hai purri duniya ko isaiyat mei badala jae. Lekin tabdeel karke karoge kya who toh batao. Koi agenda nahi. (I am not criticizing anyone. These people are just doing that. Some say turn the whole world into Islam, someone says the whole world should be turned into Christianity. But tell me what you will do by changing it. No agenda.)”

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