Journalists for Afghanistan: A fundraiser for colleagues targeted by Taliban

The Network of Women in Media has launched a fundraiser from sales of stunning photographs taken by well known photojournalists


The Network of Women in Media, India (NWMI) has reached out to women journalists in Afghanistan in solidarity. The NWMI has explored ways to support the beleaguered colleagues trying to survive and tell their stories against immense odds there. The interactions have revealed that one of the most urgent needs, as expected, is money. 

The NWMI stated that the rapid Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in early August, and its potential adverse impact on hard-won freedoms, particularly for women’s rights, freedom of speech and press freedom, has now become alarmingly clear. 

Now, under the banner “Journalists for Afghanistan”, the NWMI has launched a fundraiser from sales of stunning photographs taken by well known photojournalists. According to the NWMI, the Associated Press has “generously allowed the use of images from its Afghanistan coverage”. The collection includes photographs by some of AP’s bravest and most talented visual journalists and allows rare glimpses into the daily life in Afghanistan documented over the past two decades. “At a time of unimaginable societal and political upheaval in Afghanistan, and even as its people face an uncertain and frightening future, these images challenge us to reflect on the power of resilience and courage in tumultuous times,” stated the NWMI, adding that “all proceeds of the fundraiser will go towards supporting Afghan women journalists.”

For more details and to buy prints visit:  The images can also be viewed on Instagram

Journalists continue to be targeted, and beaten up when they venture out to report. Images such as those of reporters Nemat Naqdi and Taqi Daryabi showing bruises as a result of lashings by Taliban have been flooding the social media. The two Afghan journalists, were reporting on the somen-led Kabul protests, when they were thrashed by the Taliban. The photos were shared by American journalist Marcus Yam. Several Afghan journalists covering the Kabul protests have also been arrested, stated news reports.


Many media outlets have ceased operations in Afghanistan. The International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) has also called upon the international community to “ensure that the rights of women and girls are respected, with special regard to women journalists and media professionals.” Violet Gonda, IAWRT President said, “There are many journalists and female social activists whose lives hang in the balance and whose stories may never be told as the Taliban takes over – once again. These are the brave women who challenged the status quo fighting for fundamental rights, but have been left behind while terror strikes”.  

On Tuesday September 7, 2021 thousands of Afghans took to the streets of Kabul to participate in anti-Pakistan protests. Demonstrators included hundreds of women who defied the Taliban’s traditional stand against women stepping out of their homes. The Taliban then reportedly opened fire to disperse protesters. Nevertheless, brave Afghan women continue to demand equal rights vis a vis education and employment, even as Taliban shows its old face again.

The NWMI had shared earlier that women journalists they are in contact with are “bearing witness to the utter chaos, terror and uncertainty as the nightmare of a brutal Taliban reign becomes a reality, pushing back decades of hard-won progress for women and girls, upon whom the Taliban has meted out particularly horrific treatment merely on account of their gender.” A woman journalist shared this haunting statement with NWMI: “Last week, I was a news journalist. Today, I can’t even write under my own name or say where I am from or where I am. My whole life has been obliterated in just a few days.”


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