Junaid Nasir murder: Magistrate summons relatives, villagers of victims for breach of peace

The Pahari (Bharatpur) Magistrate has summoned a few relatives of Junaid and Nasir to court for breach of peace and to execute a bond of Rs. 10,000 each

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In fresh and shocking developments in the Junaid Nasir murder case, Pahadi (Bharatpur) Magistrate has issued notice to cousins of Junaid and Nasir under section 111 of the CrPC for breach of peace. They have been asked to appear before Magistrate Court on February 27.

The notice has been issued to Sher Mohammed, Hanif Maulana, Jabir Maulana, Mukhtiyar Ahmed, Fakhruddin, Kamil Khan, Nisar Ahmed, Wasim Akram.

“A notice has been issued against us to pressurise us. If you want to catch someone, arrest Mohit Yadav (alias Monu Manesar) for murder,” said Jabir, who is one of the people who has been issued this notice. The notice has been issued in response to the protests being held by the villagers giving calls to boycott and ban Bajrang Dal and to arrest Monu Manesar.

New and smaller developments are emerging from the Junaid Nasir double murder case. The biggest development that came to light yesterday was that the name of Monu Manesar was given a clean chit by Rajasthan police in the case despite Monu being a well known leader of cow vigilantes in Haryana. Monu is known to have terrorised several Muslims on suspicion of cow smuggling or cow slaughter with videos and pictures of the conquest being uploaded on social media.

A video on Monu’s Facebook profile shows him firing at people sitting in trucks, from his car raising slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’. In one such video, a truck carrying cattle was being shot at.

That Monu enjoys support of the police is out in the open. He has posed with police official at many occasions, he is a part of the district civil defence team and has been awarded for his work.

He has been seen in pictures with many prominent BJP leaders, including Arun Jaitley, Anurag Thakur, Amit Shah.

The other accused in the case, Shrikant Pandit, had on his Facebook page uploaded a video where he can be seen with the other accused Rinku Saini and few  other men, along with a Haryana Police official shouting slogans “jab tak todenge nahi, tab tak chhodenge nahi (We will not spare them until we break them)”

There is enough evidence against Monu for being a rogue cow vigilante. In an earlier video he can be heard saying, “We will kill cow smugglers and we will cut them. Even if charges are invoked against us we are okay with it.”

Also, the vehicle in which the charred bodies of Junaid and Nasir were found, reportedly belong to the Panchayat Department of Haryana government. A video from last year shot in Nuh, has emerged where a man is being dragged by some unidentified goons into the same car. Basically, a car allotted for a government department has been freely given to these cow vigilante extremists to spread terror in the state.

At a Mahapanchayat held in Hathin, Haryana, on February 22, 400 people were present and the state government was urged to learn from the Uttar Pradesh government and adopt a “bulldozer type” approach to tackle cattle smuggling, reported Indian Express. The event was attended by members of Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and cow vigilante groups as they came in support of Monu Manesar. On the same day, a convoy of Gau Raksha Dal from Delhi left for Mewat, Haryana in support of Monu,

Ved Nagar, national president of the Gau Raksha Hindu Dal, said, “I want to tell the Haryana police chief to take training from Uttar Pradesh DGP and its government for 20 days or a month; no one in Mewat will then dare to indulge in cattle slaughter.”

Surendra Jain, central joint general secretary, VHP congratulated Bajrang Dal and Gau Raksha Dal for beating up cow smugglers and handing them over to police. He even challenged Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to arrest cow vigilantes and said that “jails will fall short of space”.

“We will not let the Rajasthan police arrest anyone. Just for a few Muslim votes, they are betraying… Hindu society. Your voice should be so loud that it becomes clear to him in Jaipur that his Talibani police cannot do anything,” he added.

Kulbhushan Bhardwaj, one of the organisers of such Panchayats said that if any police force in India raises an eye at Monu or his family, “ we will blind them”.


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