This is Just About Hitler, Don’t Draw Parallels

Once Upon A Time There Was One Tyrant Ruler Hitler
1. Hitler had not got married.
2. Hitler used to think that people of certain religion were enemies of the country.
3. Hitler’s supporters could not tolerate any criticism against him.
4. Hitler used to paint and sell colours in his childhood.
5. All the means of publicity, newspapers, magazines were devoted to publicise Hitler.
6. Hitler had crushed all Labour movements.
7. Hitler used to call his rivals anti-nationals/traitors.
8. Hitler had joined the Nazi party as an ordinary worker and gone on to finish all his rivals and had become the leader of the party.
9. Hitler had come to power campaigning that he would end all problems in a jiffy.
10. Hitler, after he came to power could not manage to end any problems, but he certainly managed to destroy Germany.
11. Hitler had come up with a slogan to come to power— gute Tage kommen(good days will come).
12. Hitler’s party when it won, he went to the German Parliament for the first time and cried profusely.
13. Hitler had come to power lying.
14. Hitler used to love dressing up and look good.
15. Hitler had the consummate art of making lies look like truth.
16. Hitler always used to say , Ich, mich, selbst (German for I, me,).
17. Hitler used to love giving speeches on Radio.
18. Hitler used to have a lover whom he used to get spied on.
19. Hitler always used in his speeches “ Freunde, Brüder und Schwestern ”(Friends, brothers and sisters).
20. Hitler used to love getting photographed.
P.S: This post is just and just about Hitler. Don’t draw any parallels.



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