Justice for Nodeep Kaur: Trade union activist turns 24 years behind bars

The activist’s family meets her in Karnal jail on her birthday, even as injustice continues

Nodeep kaurImage courtesy: Twitter

February 11, 2021 marks the completion of a month-long imprisonment for Majdoor Adhikar Sangthan member Nodeep Kaur at Karnal jail in Haryana. Well aware of this fact, her sister Rajveer Kaur and family visited the 24-year-old trade Union activist on Thursday on her birthday.

Nodeep’s case, closely followed by SabrangIndia from its very beginning, has made headlines in recent days. According to her sister, the Dalit woman was arrested on January 12 at the Singhu border allegedly because of her identity as activist who works for the rights of labourers. Nodeep played a significant role in bringing over 1,500 labourers to march in support of the farmers movement, said Rajveer.

The Delhi police claimed Nodeep Kaur was leading the mob and charged her for rioting, unlawful assembly, hurting police personnel, extortion, snatching and use of force and the non-bailable offence of attempt to murder. However, news of sexual assault of the activist in-custody as well as the denial of her bail brought her case to national and international attention.

MPs in Lok Sabha such as Shiromani Akali Dal’s (SAD) Harsimrat Kaur voiced Nodeep’s imprisonment and ensuing sexual harassment during Parliamentary proceedings on February 10.

“They [the government] talk about Dalits. This [shows image of Nodeep] 24-year-old was imprisoned and subjected to various sexual mistreatments since January 26,” said Harsimrat Kaur whose party was formerly affiliated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

On the same day, British Labour Party MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi who said, “Alarmed to learn of sexual assault and torture allegations in police custody of Punjabi trade unionist Nodeep Kaur, who after 4 weeks hasn’t even been granted bail. Abuse of peaceful farmers protest activists, especially women, is an affront to democracy and civilised society.”

SabrangIndia’s sister organisation, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) has filed a petition seeking immediate release of the young activist as well as dismissal of all charges against her.

To take a more comprehensive look at Nodeep’s case and related developments in the last 30 days, here are some important aspects of Nodeep’s arrest:

February 6, 2021: Why was Dalit activist Nodeep Kaur denied bail?

Sessions Judge Yashvir Singh Rathor heard Nodeep’s case and said that the “applicant does not deserve concession of bail and bail application is dismissed.” The court said that the applicant faces serious allegations while another FIR against her relating to extortion of money and threats is pending. The case was registered on the basis of the statement of Inspector Ravi Kumar SHO Police Station Kundli, Sonipat who said that an armed mob of 50-60 persons led by Nodeep and armed with lathis and dandas were raising slogans and attacked police officials with lathis.

February 5, 2021: Release Dalit Trade Union activist Nodeep Kaur: CJP

CJP filed a petition to highlight how the young activist was allegedly assaulted in Karnal jail.  The petition demands her immediate release and dropping of all trumped up charges against her. Further, CJP also urged those who sign the petition, to write to the Karnal jail authorities and protest the atrocities against the Dalit, trade union activist. The petition has since been shared by actor Sushant Singh and child rights activist Harish Iyer.

Those eager to sign the petition may click here.

January 25, 2021: Why was Dalit labour rights activist, Nodeep Kaur, arrested from Singhu Border?

SabrangIndia’s exclusive interview with Nodeep’s sister Rajveer highlights the regular atrocities faced by people fighting for the rights of the oppressed. Interviewed shortly after the arrest, the Delhi University student talks about the regular discrimination against migrant labourers, Dalits. During the conversation she also accused the police of sexual assault and condemned the authorities for framing Nodeep as the attacker.


Release Nodeep Kaur

Why was Dalit activist Nodeep Kaur denied bail?

Release Dalit Trade Union activist Nodeep Kaur: CJP

Why was Dalit labour rights activist, Nodeep Kaur, arrested from Singhu Border?




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