#JusticeForAnkitSaxena: Shehla Rashid’s, ‘Question to my Muslim friends’

Would you peacefully allow your sister/daughter to marry a non-Muslim man?

Ankit Saxena

Would you peacefully allow your sister/daughter to marry a non-Muslim man? Because, if you won’t, we lose the moral authority to fight the ruckus created by RSS over the so-called “Love Jihad”. The Special Marriage Act allows interfaith couples to register a marriage without conversion. When we, as a minority, insist on our Constitutional rights, let’s remember that this too is a Constitutional right. Not only do minority communities have Constitutional rights, individuals too have Constitutional rights.
The way an adult Muslim woman Hadiya has a right to choose Shefin Jahan as her life partner, another adult Muslim woman has a right to choose Ankit Saxena as her partner. It’s the Constitution – and not Islamic/Hindu law – that gives both of them this right. Both Islamic and Hindu law require the father to “give away” the daughter. But it is the Constitution that allowed Hadiya to choose her partner. So, when you outrage – and rightly so – over the denial of her right to choose, please understand that the right is Constitutional, and is available to all adult Muslim women, regardless of who they love. When we insist that Hadiya be treated as an adult, as an individual who has Constitutional rights, let’s please uphold the same standard for all adult Muslim women – regardless of who they love.
There are those who hate Muslims, and those who love Muslims – who do we prefer?
A 20-yr old Hindu girl who said “I love Muslims” was driven to suicide by BJP members. A 23-yr old boy who dared to love a Muslim girl was killed by conservatives of the other shade.
Shame on us.
If we do not make room for love, we deserve to be ruled by hatred.

(As received through Whatsapp).



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