#JusticeForAsifa – What Is Really Justice?

Justice for me, and justice for you, and not justice just for the who’s who!

kathua rape case
Image: Citizens for Justice and Peace

Each time there is a heinous crime, the media frenzy, dinner party talk and more often than not the whatsapp chatter – all just take off – they want justice, they want it now – everyone’s screaming castrate, drive over them, hang in public, lynch, shame. Does anyone realise all of this is just post facto, the crime done, we seek justice in retaliation – the perpetrator is given the highest order of punishment – but has anyone stopped to think – what will we achieve? More often than not what resonates “it will put the fear of GOD in anyone who now even thinks about infringing on ‘personal space’”. My question is, fear of GOD, for those who believe is good – and in our society mostly everyone is god-fearing – but how do you answer the question on where was god in the temple when one of these crimes was conducted multiple times… the individual either dead or alive will be remembered by the millions viewing for a couple of days, a year, 2 may be more – but the crime done, justice sought – we move on, until the next one, then the next public outrage.

I do want justice too and for me, justice is – this crime and its many versions never happen again – that for me is justice. It’s a big dream, a far horizon, which will go farther if we don’t stand up JUST NOW, and BE THE CHANGE. Why wait for anyone to step in and help us, we can do this all ourselves – Why can’t each “I” wake up this morning and say – I pledge to change my sphere of influence, be it my home, my place of work – just build basic respect for another human – start the change from my small unit of influence. Take a stand, start making it clear in our homes, that we will not stand for any form of disrespect to any person in any form – physical or mental. For the more fortunate, safety may already exists in our homes, how about checking with our domestic help – a factory worker – a patient in our clinic – our vegetable vendor – just pledge to help change the lives of 2 other people – ask them to question being disrespected, help them lift themselves up and drive the change for a safer ‘just now’ – bit by bit… lets all get safer… let’s atleast make an effort?

Just signing a petition is not enough to seek this change – waiting for some sweep stake governance wont help – why cant you imagine a world when you can let your children out to play happily in an ungated society, without someone keeping hawk eye vision, imagine your next street shopping expedition without having to keep your elbows out, your next visit to he mall – letting your children walk ahead of you instead of your clutching their hands lest someone infringe or take advantage of their personal space.

I am but a small drop in this ocean, and but each ‘I’ can fill the ocean, so please mommies, daddies, grannies, grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends and foes just wake up, start influencing your sphere, be the change we need. Don’t silently withdraw from the conversation saying – we want justice and then wait for the next crime to happen!

Gayatri Babbar is a mother, a professional and active community citizen concerned with children’s issues.

Courtesy: http://leher.org



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