Kafeel Khan’s brother asks CM Yogi Adityanath for CBI enquiry in brother’s attack

Kafeel and Adeel Khan’s brother Kashif Jameel was shot thrice on June 10 and no arrests have been made so far.

Dr Kafeel Khan
Lucknow: Dr. Kafeel Khan fears for the safety of his family ever since his brother Kashif Jameel was shot near Gorakhnath Mandir, Uttar Pradesh CM’s residence.
His brother Adeel Ahmad Khan wrote to the CM on Friday requesting him to conduct a CBI enquiry into the matter and provide justice. He also mentions that SP Vinay Kumar Singh and CO Gorakhnath Pravin Singh delayed the urgent medical attention needed by his brother Kashif Jameel by four hours and being complicit in his attack.
“My brother Kashif Jameel’s medico-legal was already completed by Dr. Wajahat Karim in Star Hospital, Lucknow. CO Gorakhnath, Pravin Singh, received a phone call from SP Vinay Kumar I think, to transfer Kashif Jameel to BRD Medical for medico-legal. The hospital didn’t have MCH or neurosurgeon available and referred the patient to KGMC Lucknow. They also said that the medico-legal can’t be done twice. It is common knowledge that a second medico-legal is only required if a board under the jurisprudence of district inspector or the chief health inspector asks for it,” he wrote to the CM. He mentioned that Dr. Kafeel Khan and Dr. Ranvijay were present throughout the ordeal.

He also stated that the officers wasted four hours so that they could finish the work the attackers had started. “It has been declared by the Supreme Court that a person needs to treated before any investigation is conducted but rules were not followed by the police inspectors. When the bullets were removed from my brother’s body and the threat to his life had abated, the police officers slowed down their investigation and under pressure from local and media, they assured justice. They have still not found the culprits or the motive behind the attack and are dragging their feet on the issue to save MP Kamlesh Paswan. They are also giving false information to the media and misdirecting the investigation,” he said in the letter.
“The SP and CO are trying to kill my brother and hence I am requesting a CBI enquiry in this matter. We also sent a letter on June 14 to the DGP seeking his help and he also assured of action and arrest of attackers. No investigation on the attackers has been conducted and no arrests have been made. No investigation on the police officers has begun either. I request you to conduct a CBI investigation and investigate the attackers and the police and provide justice,” he said.
Sabrang India had reported that Dr. Kafeel Khan had accused BJP MP Kamlesh Paswan and his three associated of attacking his brother Kashif Jameel in a press conference on June 17. Jameel was shot thrice by bike-borne men on June 10. Sabrang India had also reported on Dr. Kafeel Khan’s statement right after the incident in which he described how crucial time was wasted by the police to save his brother.
Dr. Kafeel Khan was in charge of the paediatrics wing at BRD Medical where about 66 children died due to lack of oxygen. He was removed and arrested on charges of negligence and was granted bail by the Allahabad court this April for lack of evidence.
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