Kantadevi, wife of retired IPS officer Darapuri, passes away

“I think I am here because she was there for me then,” says husband S. R. Darapuri (retd IPS) when remembering his greatest source of support

SR daripuri
Retired IPS officer Darapuri

Kantadevi Darapuri died due to liver failure at the King George Medical University in Lucknow on January 6, 2021 afternoon, her husband (Retired) IPS officer S. R. Darapuri told SabrangIndia.

Darapuri, who made headlines during the anti-CAA/NPR/NRC protests for being arrested without evidence, said that he was grateful to Kantadevi for holding fort and supporting him in fighting for causes. “She could not physically participate in protests but she supported me. I never had to worry about anything at home because she was there. I am proud of her and thankful for her,” he said.

Kantadevi was an unlettered woman from a rural area, but she learnt about social issues during the 55-year of marriage to Darapuri. She went on to become a socially-conscious person who advocated for women’s rights and fought against the preference for a male-child.

She was also deeply invested in the farmers’ protest and asked for updates even when she was bedridden at the hospital. The last rites of the 74-year-old will be carried out at the Electric Crematorium in the city on January 7 as per her request for a “non-polluting” goodbye. Incidentally, at the same time as her cremation, farmers will carry out a tractor march along KMP highway.


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