Kapil Mishra delivers anti-Muslim statements, targets activist Harsh Mander in his speech

He also promoted fallacies about Halal products, attacked Jamiat-Ulema-E-Hind for protecting terrorists and criminals

BJP leader Kapil Mishra has delivered another anti-Muslim hate speech at the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s All India Hindu Rashtra Convention, wherein he indulged in fear-mongering, made derogatory statements and promoted fallacies about Halal products. On June 20, 2023, he gave this speech in Panaji, Goa, on the topic ‘The importance of Hindu ecosystem and the response to the terrorism of thoughts’. In his speech, he also targeted a well-reputed social activist in Delhi, Harsh Mander, who runs the ‘Karwan-e-Mohabbat’ campaign in solidarity with the victims of communal or religiously motivated violence. Attacking him, Mishra implied that Mander has been training minor children to create chaos and disturb harmony in the homes run by him as they are more likely to get bail.

It is essential to highlight here that delivering instigating hate speech, making informed statements, and riling the audience to commit violence against the minority communities, such manoeuvres have always characterised Mishra’s career.  A graduate from the Delhi School of Social Work who was part of activist Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement, Mishra has courted one controversy after another since the beginning of his stint with the BJP party — from starting the chants of ‘Desh Ke Gaddaron Ko, Goli Maro Saalon ko’ at a pro-CAA rally in December to leading an agitation against the Shaheen Bagh protests by terming it a “hub of anti-national activity”.

Having been sacked from the Aam Aadmi Party in the year 2017, after which he jumped to the Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party in the year 2019, Kapil Mishra has made many controversial anti-Muslim tweet and statements. In the year 2020, in the run-up to the Delhi assembly elections, the Election Commission had banned Mishra from campaigning for 48 hours after he had posted communal tweets on Twitter.

In his tweets, Mishra had written, “Pakistan has entered Shaheen Bagh. Mini-Pakistans are being created in the city. The law of the land is not being followed in Shaheen Bagh, Chand Bagh and Indralok. Pakistani rioters are occupying Delhi roads,” Mishra had tweeted. In another tweet, he stated, “India Vs Pakistan. There will a contest on Delhi Roads between India and Pakistan on February 8 (poll date).” For this statement, the Delhi Police had also registered an FIR against him.

Thus, communally fired statements promoting a divisive ideology and spread anti-Muslim sentiments is not uncommon to this BJP leader. The extracts from his recent speech is as follows:

The speech:

“There should be no doubt in anybody’s minds, India was a Hindu nation, is a Hindu nation and will remain a Hindu nation. Just like it did not matter if people believed that the Earth revolved around the Sun or not, it did not have any effect on the Earth’s motion. Similarly, even if some people sit and think that them not accepting India as a Hindu nation will mean that it is not a Hindu nation are wrong, India is already one whether they accept it or not.”

“Those who are the enemies of India, they are also standing in opposition to Hindus, and vie-versa.”

“Jahangir Puri area in Delhi is a poor, slum area. People who work here as rag pickers, belonging to the Muslim community and illegal Bangladeshi occupants, live there. During Ram Navmi, these people threw stones and bombs at the procession, and even used gun. One officer of the Delhi Police named Medha Lal got injured with a bullet from the gun. The Hindu people who had taken out the procession did not have any tools or arms in the hands, but nevertheless, they were attacked upon. This happened in the whole of the country.”

“The organisation of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind had recently said that even if the Ram Mandir is constructed, they will stand against it whenever they have receive the power. This organisation has been fighting a case for all those Maulanas arrested for forced religious conversions as well as terrorists.”

“If any Halal product is used or bought, a part of it goes to the Jamiat. And with that money, they are fighting the case of terrorists, and of those who shoot at the police.”

“A few days ago, certain minor boys had pelted stones at the Daryaganj Policr station, and had even started a fire at the station. When the police arrested the kids, this activist Harsh Mander came to get them bailed out, stating that they were minors. It was later found that these kids were sent by Harsh Mander only, who had kept them in the teenage home that he runs.”

The video can be viewed here:


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