Karnataka Congress MLA Haris hurt in minor blast at event

Police say the blast was due to a firecracker; son suspects foul play


A minor explosion at a private event in Bengaluru’s Viveknagar area left Congress MLA Nalapad Ahmed Haris and four others injured, reported The News Minute. The incident took place at around 8:30 P.M. on Wednesday, January 22nd and all the injured have been admitted to the Philomena Hospital in Bengaluru.

The MLA was attending an MGR birth anniversary celebration in Viveknagar’s Vannarpet area, when something near him on the stage exploded. The police told TNM that the explosive was a firecracker and that further investigations in the matter were underway. Bhaskar Rao, Bengaluru Police Commissioner said, “There was a cracker show. Immediately after the cracker show, there was a minor blast. Our officials including the ACP and DCP have reached the spot. Everyone has confirmed it was a cracker blast. The area has been sanitized,” adding that forensic experts had reached the spot to investigate the explosion.

However, MLA Haris’ son, Mohammed Nalapad suspected foul play in the matter. He told reporters that something was placed under his father’s chair. “There was something under the chair that my father sat on. It exploded. My father has injuries on his leg, his friend hurt his hand. We’re shocked something like this has happened in our constituency. Don’t know who did it,” he said.

“Such an incident has never happened to us. We were very scared. He has sustained burn injuries in his right leg. This seems like a deliberate act too but I am sure police will investigate into this,” Mohammed Nalapad added.

He also said that his father never had any rivals and did not have any gunmen with him for protection.

Dr. Shankar Prasad, Medical Director, St. Philomena’s Hospital said that none of the injured have any open cut injuries and are being examined further. Talking about Haris he said that he had a minor blood clot in his left leg which was possibly due to him being hit by a hard object. He said, “We have taken an X-ray and are examining further. At the look of it, seems like a very minor injury,” reported the Deccan Herald.


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