Karnataka gov’t is “pro Hindu”: V Sunil Kumar 

The Kannada and Culture minister claimed it is the state government that has “has done what BJP has been talking about”

Karnataka Minister

According to V Sunil Kumar, Karnataka’s minister for Kannada and Culture, the Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai led- state government is “pro Hindu”. He has claimed it is the state government that has implemented the Hindutva agenda of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with laws such as “anti cow slaughter Anti Conversion Law” adding that the government was now “also thinking of freeing temples of gov’t control. This gov’t has done what BJP has been talking about.”

His speech of proudly declaring that the “Karnataka govt is a pro Hindu” government in a Secular nation, is now being shared online by journalists



In December 2021, even before the BJP government in Karnataka tabled the anti-conversion Bill, it was V Sunil Kumar who had said that a law prohibiting ‘love jihad’ will also be introduced soon. He had said, “Some organisations publicly claim that they don’t indulge in religious conversion and it is not their intention, then why are they opposed to anti-conversion law? On one side they say they don’t do such things and on the other side they oppose (the bill), they have ambiguity, not us.”

He was speaking to the media on the sidelines of the winter session of Karnataka legislature in December and added, “We had been stating from the beginning that the BJP government will bring in anti-cow slaughter and anti-conversion law, we are committed to it. I will go a step ahead and say that in the days to come we will bring a law against love jihad.” He claimed, “Religious conversions are taking place in a big way targeting poor and weaker sections, either by force or through inducements, and hence it was considered necessary to bring in a law to stop such activities.”



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