Kashmir Bleeding, expected BJP to end alliance after Amarnath Yatra: Yusuf Tarigami

Speaking to Sabrangindia after the abrupt decision of the BJP to pull out of the ruling coalition in the state and get Governor’s Rule declared (June 20,2018), four times elected MLA from the CPI-M, Yusuf Tarigami expressed worry and concern at the situation in the valley and appealed to all Indians to extend understanding and love to the plight of Kashmiris


  • With the Amarath Yatra set to begin on June 28, we had expected (wrongly) that the BJP would wait at least two three months before taking this step, in the larger interests of the people of the state, the yatris.  We expected this out of respect for the Yatris. But they are concerned only about narrow political consdirations
  • It is the tradition of the Kashmiris to lend a hand and support to the Yatris and we are sure this will continue but the overall atmosphere of tension and fear cannot help
  • The decision to end the alliance is meant to help their campaign for the 2019 elections since the state government has no favourable record to show
  • Jammu and Kashmir is headed for troubled times. This government, with separate agendas of the two alliance partners before the elections came together in such an opportunistic way after the election results and has a poor performance.
  • Kashmir is bleeding, on fire, needs now more than ever the understanding, love and affection of the people of India




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