Kashmir: Friday sermons in mosques express solidarity with Kashmiri Hindu brethren

Kashmiri Pandits have also said on record that they have got a lot of support from their Muslim brothers

Kashmiri Pandits
Image Courtesy:kashmiraction.org

“We are with the minorities, we will give all our support to minorities. Minorities can come and live with us in our houses, use our land,” says an Imam at the Friday congregational prayers. Such calls for peace and support for Kashmiri pandits and Hindus have been given out at several mosques across Kashmir during Friday prayers, including this one at Jamia Masjid in Anantnag.

This Imam goes on to say, “Take our land if you need… Give our minorities their rights. We will not tolerate any attacks and harassment/ torture of minorities…” He explains that any attack on minorities should be condemned and that minorities should be taken care of and supported. He included the Hindu community that is a minority in Kashmir, and the Muslim community that is a minority in other places across India.

The message is seen being received well by the congregation of boys, young men and old, many of whom raise their hands in prayer as the Imam delivers his message of peace and support.

Kashmiri Pandits themselves have said on record that they have got a lot of support from their Muslim bretheren. Many Muslims have also opensly sat in protest together with Kashmiri Pandit and Hindu groups against the recent space of terror attacks.

However there are some who continue to question the Muslims of Kashmir, such as Times Now anchor Rahul Shivshankar. Ill-informed, he asked why Kashmiri Muslims are not speaking up to secure that right for Hindus in Kashmir? He, as a journalist, should instead be asking the government tough questions on why so many targeted killings have happened in the last few months and who is to blame for the exodus 2022 of Kashmiri Pandit gov’t employees?


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